IBU Academy

IBU Academy


The IBU Academy's (IBUA) vision is to provide internationally recognized opportunities for learning, discovery, and engagement to a diverse the population of athletes, coaches, delegates, referees, and managers in a real-world setting. The IBU Academy offers a wide range of programs at the entrant and professional levels and pursues broad research and creative activities agenda. In addition, as a knowledge resource to the biathlon society, the IBU Academy builds partnerships with other educational institutions, community organizations, government agencies, and the private sector to serve the development of biathlon and impact the sports world.


The IBU Academy's mission is to improve the world of biathlon today and for future generations through outstanding research, education, preservation, and practice and educates aspiring leaders worldwide who will serve all sectors of biathlon. This mission will be carried out through the free exchange of ideas in an ethical, interdependent, and diverse biathlon community of staff, athletes, and biathlon friends.


IBU people represent many nationalities and different cultures. Being an IBU Academy member is about not only what you get from the organization but also equally about what you bring to it, and that we all get stronger when we work towards our sport. Our shared values support and guide our operations around the biathlon world. Besides our biathlon passion, we believe that development success requires professionals, team spirit, fair play and respect, and innovation.


IBU Academy is intended to serve the global biathlon family members, including the leaders and staff of national federations, coaches, athletes, and other teams members like physicians, technicians, and IBU event organizers, officials and media representatives.


Implement educational programs that join theory and practice provided by international experts to encourage creativity and scholarship and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively serve the global biathlon family at different professionalization levels from grassroots to high-performance.


Develop ideas and projects to innovate biathlon-specific issues, stimulate the development of biathlon, and benefit the global biathlon family.


Develop the possibility for talented, professional, and elite athletes to build an educational or job path simultaneously with a sports career and develop leaders who will serve all biathlon sectors in the future. 

IBU Academy Strategy 2020-2026


The IBU is supported by the Academy Working Group. This group consists of: