About IBU Development

About IBU Development


IBU develops the potential of its National Federations members and builds sustainable systems, structures, and pathways from beginner to elite athletes through provided educational resources and development support that reinforce the delivery of structured development systems, projects, and activities.

4 IBU's DEVELOPMENT PILLARS and objectives are:


  • Creating tools that can engage children all over the world to practice biathlon from an early age.

  • Growing global participation in entry-level biathlon competitions (including IBU Junior and Youth events, IBU Cups, regional events, and junior national championships).

NFs Development

  • Building the capacity of existing members to regulate better, promote, and develop the sport on a national level.

  • Increasing the number of (active) members joining the IBU.


  • Developing coach development resources and courses to provide qualifications for our coaches and increase the interest in our sport.

  • Increasing the qualification of technical officials, NFs' Staff, and IBU event managers.

  • Increasing the interest in scientific research and innovation in biathlon.

Athletes Development

  • Supporting athletes to combine their careers with a sports career.

  • Supporting athletes to prepare for life after sport.


IBU set up an IBU Development Commission (DC) to ensure that the IBU's development structure and support comply with members' needs and challenges on its different development levels. DC provides the best experience and practical advice to implement IBU's objective-oriented development programs.

The approved members of the DC are:

Development Commission Terms of Reference


The level of the IBU development support is based on the NFs development categories.

IBU development category for 2023 2024IBU development category for 2022 2023NFs development categories 2021/2022

For more information contact

Dr. Dagmara Gerasimuk - IBU Development Director