Development projects support

Development projects support

The support from the IBU is divided into three parts


There are two different types of participation support:

  1. Participation support paid out connected to the number of athletes participating in the World Cup, IBU Cup and Junior Cup. 

  2. Event Participation Contribution - same principles as previously, but more clear and fixed contribution for participating NFs traveling overseas.


Team Performance Bonus (Formerly Activity Bonus)

Divided according to the NFs Total Score in WC, IC, JC. Of this sum, 55% based on World Cup, 25% IBU Cup, 20% Junior Cup (as per current procedure).

Reach Performance Bonus (Former PP Bonus)

50% to be divided among NFs with rights holders for IBU events on the basis of hours viewed per country. 50% to be divided among the NFs connected to digital reach (NFs, OCs reach on web and social media).

For the season 2021/2022, the old form of PP bonus will be paid out based on existing criteria, i.e. hosts of World Cup, OECH and JYWCH and hours viewed for NF for season 21/22.


National Federations development support


1. Build the capacity of existing members to better regulate, promote and develop the sport at a national level.

2. More activity by member federations.

3. Promotion of gender equality, sustainability and good governance.


1. Youth and Junior athletes development as a part of a long-term national strategy

The project aims to support national programmes focused on:

  • Identification and training of youth and junior athletes with regard to increasing the number of athletes at the national and international level.

  • Popularisation of biathlon among kids (minimum age of 12 years).

2. Biathlon expert support

3. Support of training venues

4. NF Partnerships

5. Sustainable business development

The project aims to support national programmes focused on:

  • Athletes' involvement after sport career

  • Sustainability

  • Gender Equality and Diversity

6. Customized development projects with contribution to all stakeholders


IBU Development Projects Guidelines 2024/2025Development Programmes support 2024 graphicDevelopment Info Day 2024 updates

Project applications must be submitted via IBU Scope 2.0.

Call for Applications: 02 April - 12 May 2024

Duration of projects: 01st June 2024 to 31st March 2025

Announcement of results: 14 June 2024

Deadline for reports: 15th April 2025


The IBU decided to support 102 projects from 40 member federations in season 2023/2024 with a total amount of 1,279,184.00 EUR.

IBU Development projects support 2023/2024

IBU support is intended as partial support (as opposed to full cost basis), is focused on structured and future-oriented long-term projects and programs, may be need-based, promotes cooperation among NFs, and requires reporting.

IBU Development projects Guidelines 2023/2024Development projects 2023/2024 - Info Day slidesIBU development category for 2023 2024Development support principles 2023/2024Development Projects categories graphicFAQ.Development projects 2022.2023

Project applications must be submitted via IBU Scope.

Call for Applications: 01 April - 15 May 2023

Duration of projects: 01st June 2023 to 31st March 2024

Announcement of results: 31 May 2023

Deadline for reports: 15th April 2024


Development projects support 2022/2023Development projects support 2021/2022

For more information contact

about projects 2023/2024 Theresa Heinsinger - IBU Development Manager

about projects 2024/2025 Maija Ruotsalainen - IBU Development Projects Coordinator