The project is dedicated to the development of National Federations (NFs) and aims to support them with practical and theoretical knowledge and training through the organisation of training camps, which are delivered with the assistance of IBU experienced Coaches. In order to be able to participate in the programme, NFs must prove that they have a stable federation structure and that they conduct national biathlon championships. The camps can be attended by athletes aged 15 to 23. The project is supported by the IOC IF development programme.


The IBU as a responsible federation, through the IBU IOC training camps, supports developing NFs with practical and theoretical knowledge about sport and biathlon theory and practical training letting the Athletes and Coaches improve their skills and competence for future participation in the international level competitions. The main objectives are:

  • Promotion of human resources in the host country

  • Follow-up to previous Oceanic, South American, Asian and European biathlon federation seminars for coaches and athletes

  • Promotion of diversity and gender equality in sport

  • Promotion of youth participation in biathlon

  • Maintenance and improvement of the structure of the international training camps, taking into consideration the option of changing the hosting venue (mid-term planning) in some regions every other year to include more NFs in total

  • Providing IBU-IOC assistance for national guidance and legacy in the respective hosting countries on the targeted continents

  • Providing a combination of theory and practice in biathlon sport coaching as well as delivering organizational skills and guidance


  • Camp 1 (South America or Oceania)

  • Camp 2 (Central Asia or East Asia)

  • Camp 3 (Eastern Europe)

  • Camp 4 (Central Europe or Northern Europe)

  • Camp 5 (Overall Winter Camp)

  • Camp 6 (Junior Cup Camp)


In 2022 the IBU is organizing two overall camps. The IBU aims to support NFs from C&D development categories. Each invited NF may send a maximum of 2 athletes for one camp (1 female and 1 male athlete) and 1 Coach. All costs for accommodation with all meals for the Camp days only (see “Date”) and experts' costs are paid by the IBU.

The applications are open in the IBUScope

Summer Camp: 11-17 October 2022, Anterselva (ITA)

Invitation IBU-IOC Camp Anterselva 2022

REPORT IBU-IOC Camp Anterselva

Winter Camp: 26 November - 03 December 2022, Martell (ITA)

Invitation IBU-IOC Camp Martell 2022

International Biathlon Youth Camp: 24 - 30 October 2022, Oberhof (GER)

On the occasion of the BMW IBU World Championship Biathlon in Oberhof in February 2023, the IBU, NF GER, and OC Oberhof, in cooperation with Olympic Solidarity, organize an IBU Youth Training Camp in Oberhof, Germany, from the 24th to the 30th October­­­ 2022.

Preferred athletes must be eligible to compete in the Winter Youth Olympic 2024 in Gangwon and born 2004-2005-2006.  

The successful applicants will be supported with the following costs:

  • Accommodation and meals ( 5 athletes and 1 coach)

  • Access to facilities and equipment (5 athletes and 1 coach) for the training camp

  • Educational and cultural program

For further information please read the handbook.

Handbook Camp Oberhof 2022

Project Coordinator

Heiko Krause - Member of the Presidium of the Thuringian Ski Association TSV heiko.krause@thueringer-skiverband.de +49 176 5489 6651

REPORT International Biathlon Youth Camp Oberhof 2022


Due to the ongoing difficulties with COVID-19, the IBU is organizing in 2021 two overall camps in-person with similar preventive measures as in the previous winter season. The IBU aims to support NFs from C&D development categories. Each invited NF may send a maximum of 4 athletes (2 female and 2 male athletes) and 1 Coach.

Summer Camp: 02-10 October 2021, Pokljuka (SLO)

The camp’s goal was to support the twenty-one participating federation’s “existing structure by providing expertise and guidance to create a long-term legacy for our sport.”. 66 athletes and 23 coaches from 21 National Federations came to the Slovenian venue for ten days of intensive instruction under the watchful eyes of six IBU Coaches including Canada’s Matthias Ahrens, Germany’s Norbert Bayer, Sweden’s Anna Wickström, Slovenia’s Nusa Pogacar, and Robert Sitar, and Italy’s Luca Bormolini as well as Olympic Relay Silver medalist and IBU Sports and Event Manager Daniel Böhm. Supplementing the physical and shooting training were workshops on anti-doping, training plans, shooting, and ski/rollerski technique.


Winter Camp: 27 November - 06 December 2021, Martell (ITA)

69 athletes and 21 coaches from 20 National Federations came to Martell for ten days of intensive training sessions under the guidance of five IBU Coaches including Head Coach Matthias Ahrens (Canada), Walter Hörl (Austria), Armin Kasslatter (Italy), Trym Rostad (Norway) and Anna Sprung (Austria). This camp´s special guest was Germany´s Ex Biathlete and Olympic Champion Laura Dahlmeier who joined the camp for the first 3 days as an Athlete Role Model sharing her experience and knowledge about skiing techniques with the next generation of athletes.


More details about the upcoming Wintercamp are uploaded below:

Invitation IBU IOC Winter Camp Martell 2021COVID Info IOC Camp Martell 2021


Virtual Camps:  19 October - 29 November 2020

In 2020, the IBU-IOC Virtual Camps were organized from 19 October until 29 November 2020, covering three weeks of online sessions focused on the development of coaches and athletes. During this unique educational experience in small regional groups, coaches learned and broadened their knowledge in the principles of training plans while working with athletes on the national level.

IBU-IOC Virtual Camps 2020 Summary

For more information contact

Arne Eidam - Race Director IBU Junior Cup


Theresa Jost - IBU Development Project Coordinator