Coach Education

Coach Education

The IBU's Academy strategic plan provides the mandate to pursue an IBU Coaching Framework program with the vision to provide internationally recognized opportunities for learning, discovery, and engagement to a diverse population of athletes, coaches, delegates, referees, and managers in a real-world setting. The goal set by the IBU Academy for coaching education is to implement educational programs that join theory and practice provided by international experts, encourage creativity and scholarship and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively contribute global biathlon family at different professional levels from recreation to high-performance.


By 2021

IBU created an agreed IBU Coaching Framework together with national federations that provide biathlon coaches with the necessary tools to optimize their coaching quality and improve the performance of international biathlon in the future. IBU created a pathway for talented and experienced biathlon coaches and developed them as IBU educators/lecturers.

By 2022

IBU defined the IBU Academy's program portfolio to support athletes, coaches, and others that play roles in NFs. IBU Built an interactive platform for knowledge exchange between NFs and IBU. IBU defined and implemented programs and related support.

By 2024

Build an IBU network and formalize partners' engagement as part of the collaborative approach.

By 2026

Establish a centralized, tailored system to develop, train, and educate the global biathlon family members at the highest level.

Coach Education Pathway


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