Региональные мероприятия

Региональные мероприятия

The main goal of the project is to establish a strategy for the implementation of sustainable IBU Regional Events, focused on developing biathlon.

The project is focused on structured and future-oriented long-term activities and promotes cooperation among NFs inside and between the IBU Regions. IBU support is intended as partial support for organizers and may include also partial support for participants. The IBU financial support can be spent on the costs stated in the application and approved by IBU according to the project principles.


  • Supporting the NF in the implementation of high-quality international competitions for young athletes.

  • Addressing the gaps in participation pathways by supporting the NFs in introducing programs based on international cooperation.

  • Creating the possibility of broad participation in system sports competitions (popularization).

  • Supporting the NFs in using local biathlon facilities and venues to promote biathlon in the country and region.

  • Increasing the activity and effectiveness of biathlon federations/associations and clubs in promoting the sport of children and youth.

  • Gaining access to additional resources and funding.

The IBU will support 23 IBU Regional Events during the 2021/2022 season. The project aims to support NFs to implement good quality international competitions for young athletes based on international cooperation. It strives to increase the activity and efficiency of biathlon federations/associations and clubs in promoting biathlon among children and youths.


IBU Regional Event Guidelines 2021/2022Report Regional Events Season 2020/2021

For more information contact

Arne Eidam - Race Director IBU Junior Cup


Theresa Jost - IBU Development Project Coordinator