Using our platform

Using our platform

Underpinning and integrated with the other four focus areas is a comprehensive communication, awareness and engagement programme consisting of tailored and targeted activities per stakeholder group. There is a substantial opportunity to inform and enlighten the IBU’s stakeholder groups on sustainability and how each and every individual and organisation can contribute to fighting climate change, minimising negative impact and maximising positive legacies on a daily basis.

In the focus are "Awareness & Communication" our goal is to

  • Establish a Sustainability management system IBU, LOCs and NFs

  • Develop and implement IBU policy, strategy and plan 2020-2030

  • Create governance structures and ensure management committment

  • Operate based on continuous process of "Measure, Understand, Act, Inspire"

  • Ensure regular and transparent reporting

  • Gain certification for ISO20121 for IBU in 2024, WCH from 2027

  • Advocate and partner for climate action

  • Inspire external and internal stakeholders including fans and spectators to action throughout creative campaigns

  • Establish partnership that make a difference

  • Empower ambassadors to motivate and lead by example