IBU Sustainability Strategy and Policy

IBU Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030Sustainability Policy

IBU Sustainability Reporting 2021

IBU Sustainability Report 2021IBU UNFCCC Report 2021

Carbon Management Plan 2021

IBU Carbon Management Plan 2021

IOC Certificate for Climate Action 2021

IOC Certificate for Climate Action 2021

Organising Committee Sustainability Resources

IBU Sustainable Event Checklist for OCs

IBU OC Sustainability Check List

Organising Committee Case Studies 2022

IBU OC Sustainability Case Studies

Code of Conduct, January 2022

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Sustainability Appendix for Supplying Partners, January 2022

Sustainability Appendix for Supplying Partners

Gender Equality Strategy and Policy

IBU Gender Equality Strategy 2021-2026IBU Gender Equality Policy 2021 (Full version)IBU Gender Equality Policy (Summary)