Target 2026

Target 2026


The IBU’s overall Vision, Mission and Objectives were approved at the President’s Meeting in Munich in September 2021.



IBU House

Our entire strategic framework is condensed into the IBU House, which represents both the foundation and overall direction for our sport.

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Vision, Mission and Objectives_September 2021

Target 26 - The Strategic Areas

After undertaking a thorough and detailed analysis, in October 2019 the IBU launched Target 26, its strategy for focusing, hitting and moving – together.

The aim of this strategy is to provide the framework for the IBU’s future special activities over the next two Olympic Cycles, culminating in the Olympic Games of 2026.

By fulfilling the Objectives included in Target 26, the IBU will continue and enhance the appeal of biathlon to a young, international audience – building upon its success of previous years.


Target 26 focuses on five distinct targets.

At the centre of each of these targets is the athletes. Only by hitting each of these five targets can the IBU ensure that the sport progresses in a sustainable, dynamic way, enabling the next generations of athletes to be provided with the best possible platform to perform:


When our Member Federations develop, so does biathlon.

Whether it be providing resources for young athletes and coaches, or attracting new people to biathlon, our Member Federations play a crucial role in the development of our sport across the world and must be provided with the tools they need.


Events are a cornerstone of biathlon, offering incredible exposure to the sport and unparalleled drama.

With relatively few occasions to showcase the best of the sport, our events must provide the optimal experience for all involved.


Biathlon is a sport that can be practiced across the globe, even in snow-free countries.

As the IBU, we have a responsibility to develop the sport internationally and ensure that the sport does not become over-dependent on its core markets for revenues.


As a relatively young federation of a sport with a long tradition, the IBU has made great strides in a short time.

As we look to the future, the IBU has the opportunity to become one of the modern, progressive and well-governed International Sport Federations, serving as a model for best practice and providing the framework for future success.


Sport is developing fast. New technologies and changes in society present both challenges and opportunities for International Federations to adapt to and prosper from.

Biathlon has a history of constant innovation and progress, and this must be continued to ensure our future development and sustainable future.

For more information about Target 2026 and progress until the 2022 Update that was provided to the IBU Congress in September 2022, please browse the brochure below:

Target 26 Status Report 2022

For more information about Target 26, please view the full brochure below:



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