IBU Structure & Purpose

IBU Structure & Purpose

Purposes and principles (acc. to Art 2. IBU Constitution 2022)

2. Purposes and principles

2.1 The fundamental purposes of the IBU (the Purposes) are to:

2.1.1 Develop the sport of biathlon and promotes it worldwide.

2.1.2 Constantly aim to improve the conditions and fundamentals of the sport of biathlon and promote its cultural, sporting and humanitarian values worldwide.

2.1.3 Develop and encourage participation in Biathlon throughout the world.

2.1.4 Protect the integrity of Biathlon included the IBU by implementing the highest standards of good governance.

2.2 The purposes should be achieved through the ideal means such as:

2.2.1 act as the governing body for Biathlon worldwide;

2.2.2 play a leading role in the Olympic Movement, in particular by organising, supervising and officiating the Biathlon programme at the Olympic Games;

2.2.3 use competitions, events, programmes, and similar activities to promote,2.2.4 regulate Biathlon efficiently and effectively by developing Rules to be applied and enforced by the IBU and/or the NF Members wherever the sport is practised;

2.2.5 developing and enforcing a comprehensive and broadly applicable integrity code, as set out in Article 30.7;

2.2.6 establish and maintain an efficient administration to control, regulate and direct the affairs of the IBU and the sport of Biathlon;

2.2.7 control the organisation and scheduling of competitions (including “world” or “international” championships and other events purporting to be “world” or “international” events or otherwise purporting to determine “world” or “international” champions of Biathlon), so as to ensure that the sporting calendar is organised and scheduled in accordance with the best long-term interests and priorities of the sport as a whole;

2.2.8 support and assist NF Members to promote and develop Biathlon in their respective Countries;

2.2.9 cooperate with other sport organisations (including the IOC and WADA), public and private organisations, state authorities, and other relevant bodies to promote the interests of sport generally, and Biathlon in particular, throughout the world;

2.2.10 protect the right of the IBU (internationally) and its NF Members (nationally) to govern, regulate and administer the sport independently and autonomously, including by conducting democratic elections that are free from any outside influence to elect office-holders;

2.2.11 promotion of a uniform set of rules;

2.2.12 we want to be the mouthpiece for the biathlon sport and want to do it in the interests of the whole.

2.3 In all of its activities, the IBU will observe the following principles:

2.3.1 respect for the principle of political neutrality and impartiality;

2.3.2 rejection of all forms of harassment and abuse, whether of a physical, mental or sexual nature, and provision of protection and assistance to those affected;

2.3.3 rejection of any unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, skin colour, national or social origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, language, political or other opinion, religion or other beliefs, circumstances of birth, or other improper ground;

2.3.4 promotion of clean sport and fair play;

2.3.5 promotion of diversity and gender equality in the management of and participation in Biathlon;

2.3.6 working to protect the safety and well-being of participants in Biathlon, including in particular children and young adults; and

2.3.7 respect for and promotion of the importance of environmental sustainability and nature conservation in and through the sport of Biathlon.