HQ Structure

HQ Structure


The IBU Sport & Event Department manages and supervises the BMW IBU World Cup, IBU Cup, IBU Junior Cup, IBU World Championships, IBU Open European Championships, IBU Youth & Junior World Championships and the IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships. Its general tasks include venue allocation and schedule planning for the working calendar; ordering and distribution of medals and certificates; communication with the OCs; travel and accommodation for the staff; management of supplying partners’ contracts and relations with partners; licensing of the venues; managing Technical Committee; co-managing production and starting times with the media rights holders; and resolving marketing issues if and when they occur.


The IBU Development Department aims to develop the potential of its NF members and build sustainable systems, structures and pathways for athletes, from beginners to elite athletes. In 2021/2022, it progressed in many areas, mainly focusing on national development project support, regional event development, coach education, gender equality strategy implementation, and athletes’ engagement in IBU projects. That was all directed by the IBU development pillar concept, based on popularisation, education, athlete development and NF development.


The Communications Department is responsible for all official communication of the IBU with its internal and external stakeholders and fans. It plans, manages, and oversees the media operations from accreditation to mixed zone management and media centre setup to the press conferences for all IBU events in close cooperation with the Organising Committees, broadcaster, and partners. All institutional communications, including newsletters, press releases, stakeholder information and print products are produced in the Communications Department. The communications team’s strategic focus lies on further development and implementation of the IBU digital strategy as mandated by the IBU's Strategic Plan.


The IBU Finance & Administration Department manages accounting, transfers, securities, controlling, policy creation, payroll, personnel processing, time recording and holidays, control of all con-tracts with consultants and freelancers, IT, technical consultancy, insurance, office administration, visa administration, IBU Handbook creation, implementation and compliance with the General EU Data Protection Regulations and Risk Management, coordination of contracts and payments with the Sport & Event Director and Communications Director.