Pokljuka: Top 5 moments

JT Boe won his fourth consecutive Sprint in Pokljuka, a feat no one has achieved before him. He was also philosophical, explaining what a mix of emotions a Yellow bib incorporates. But why did his fiercest challenger, Sturla Holm Laegreid, compare Johannes to a shark? Elvira Oeberg scored a career-first Sprint-Pursuit double. Swiss shooting stars Amy Baserga and Niklas Hartweg made history for Switzerland in the Single Mixed Relay. Another future champion, Eric Perrot of France, showed great sportsmanship in Brezno-Osrblie.

The man in Yellow

In Pokljuka, JT Boe collected his 61st and 62nd individual win in the BMW IBU World Cup, BMW IBU World Championships, and Olympic Winter Games. Visibly pleased with his performance - which seems at all times best even for his standards - he talked about being a man in Yellow and the emotions that come with it. Just listen to the great man!

Shooting brings Elvira career-first Sprint-Pursuit double

Elvira Oeberg shot a combined 30/30 in Pokljuka and scored a career-first Sprint-Pursuit double. “My skiing shape is not as good as it has been in Trimester 1. So, I had to sharpen my focus on the shooting range. I am very proud of my performance here. Last season I didn’t connect a Pursuit win to my triumph in the Sprint in Ruhpolding. I finished second, behind Marte Olsbu Roeiseland. This feels special,” said Oeberg.

Why did Sturla compare Johannes to a shark?

Sturla Holm Laegreid, wearing bib number 29, felt JT Boe, with bib number 31, breathing down his neck, although they both finished on the podium. How did that feel for a man who has not finished lower than sixth this winter?

Swiss shooting stars make history

Amy Baserga and Niklas Hartweg, the IBU Junior Cup Total Score winners from the 2019/2020 season, performed with distinction in the Single Mixed Relay and finished third, a first podium for Switzerland in the Mixed Relays. No wonder tears were flowing as Amy and Niklas - who will hit their athletic prime in 2025 when Lenzerheide host the BMW IBU World Championships - celebrated their achievement.

Perrot shows he is a great athlete and a great man

Eric Perrot was the fastest in the Super Sprint in Brezno-Osrblie for his first-ever IBU Cup victory. In a shoulder-to-shoulder battle with Mats Oeverby, the Norwegian fell in the last sharp turn before the final 100 meters. Perrot was the first person to console deeply disappointed Oeverby. Two days later, Perrot won in the Sprint and will rejoin the French World cup team in Ruhpolding.

Photo: IBU/C. Manzoni, J. Svoboda , I. Stančik

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