Colombo and Horn win Pursuits, IBU Cup Total Score to Jeanmonnot

Relying on their ski speed Caroline Colombo of France and Philipp Horn of Germany won the pursuits on the last day of individual competitions in Ridnaun-Val Ridanna. Colombo with four penalties gradually fought her way to the top of the podium, finishing in 30:43.7. Horn gained control after the first prone stage, increasing his lead until one standing penalty but holding on for the win in 31:44.7. Lou Jeanmonnot of France and Erlend Bjoentegaard of Norway won the IBU Cup Total Score titles.

Colombo, sixth after yesterday’s sprint fought her way to the top of the podium with the fastest course time in the first, third, and fourth laps, cruising to the finish line. Femsteinevik. with two standing penalties, was faster than Jeanmonnot in the final lap but finished second, 6.9 seconds back. The new IBU Cup Total Score winner controlled the competition until the last standing as she calmly closed the first 15 targets but finished third, 15 seconds back. Jenny Enodd of Norway, with one penalty, was fourth,19.7 seconds behind. Marion Weisensarter of Germany, with two penalties fifth, 22.8 seconds back, and Hanna Kebinger, also of Germany, with three penalties finished sixth, 25.3 seconds behind the winner.

"I felt my legs were strong and wanted to attack on the skis from the beginning. Normally missing four times doesn't bring one a victory, but today I won with skiing. It is my last individual competition of the season and I am happy to finish with a win," said Colombo.

Total Score title for Jeanmonnot

Jeanmonnot finished the season with 668 points in the IBU Cup Total Score standings, 25 more than Ragnhild Femsteinevik in second place and 78 more than Elisabeth Hoegberg of Sweden in third.

"I didn't expect to win the Total Score title at the end of the season, and I am very happy about it. It feels a bit strange, because so many girls are missing. Most importantly, I secured my place in the French world cup team at the start of next season," said Jeanmonnot.

Horn wins with strong shooting performance

Philipp Horn, missing just once in the last standing, won the last pursuit and individual competition of the season, with 31:44.7. Bjoentegaard, with four penalties, finished second, 40.9 seconds back and also won the IBU Cup Pursuit Score title. Germany's Marco Gross, with two penalties, added to his tally of Ridnaun podiums with third place, 49.7 seconds behind the winner. Sverre Dahlen Aspenes of Norway, with three penalties finished fourth, 1:06.9 back. George Coltea of Romania, with one penalty finished in fifth place, 1:17.2 back, while Harald Oeygaard of Norway, with two penalties finished sixth, 1:29.5 back, completing the flower Ceremony.

After he cleaned the first five targets and Bjoentegaard missed one in the first shooting, Horn’s win was never in danger.

“Today’s plan was to win with good shooting, and 95% accuracy is a very good result for me. Yesterday I was somehow surprised with a strong skiing performance but very unsatisfied with myself about the shooting mistakes which I found careless,” said Horn.

Bjoentegaard missed once in every shooting stage for second place and the IBU Cp Pursuit Score win.

He also won the IBU Cup Total Score and IBU Cup Sprint Score titles yesterday.

Photo: IBU/Harald Deubert

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