Germany and France win in Ridnaun mixed relays

Germany won the single mixed relay and France the mixed relay on the last day of the IBU Cup competitions for the 2021/2022 season in Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, Italy. France won the Women’s IBU Cup Nations Cup and Norway the Men’s IBU Cup Nations Cup.

Great shooting bring Weidel and Gross a win

Germany's Anna Weidel and Marco Gross using just three spare rounds, won the single Mixed relay in 33:31.4. In the last lap, a close battle developed for second place between France and Norway, Emilien Claude out-sprinting Sverre Dahlen Aspenes. The French duo of Lou Jeanmonnot and Claude finished 24.7 seconds behind the Germans. Norwasy's Ragnhild  Femsteinevik and Aspenes were third, 27.9 seconds back.

Germany was in firm control of the competition from the start, with Weidel and Gross combining powerful skiing with impeccable shooting. They used their first spare round only in the standing stage of the third leg when Weidel reloaded her fourth shot. Claude and Jeanmonnot tagged each other second on all three occasions. 

"We wanted to be on the podium before the competition as we are both good shooters. Anything else would have been a disappointment. It is a perfect ending to the season," said the winners Weidel and Gross.

Mixed relay to France

Hugo Rivail's perfect anchor leg, with no spare rounds brought France victory in the mixed relay, the last IBU Cup competition of the 2021/2022 season. France led after exchanges 1 and 2, as Camille Bened and Caroline Colombo fought hard with Germany's Marion Wiesensarter and Hanna Kebinger but managed to keep small-time margins in their favour. Sweden's Emil Enykvist used his chance after Sebastien Mahon had to ski a penalty loop after the prone stage, and Johannes Werner Dornhauser reloaded three times in the standing. 

Rivail chased down Sweden's anchor Henning Sjokvist in the first lap of his leg and kept his focus sharp and ski speed intact for France's 1:03:33.9 win. Germany finished second, 9.7 seconds back. Sweden was third, 35.6 seconds back.

“This win is a great reward for the whole team. We worked really hard from November and it is a fitting end to a very good season. I pushed extremely hard in the last lap as Philipp Horn was chasing me. It ended well,” said Hugo Rivail.

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Photo: IBU/Harald Deubert

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