Five Burning Questions for Tarjei Boe

Tarjei Boe is probably best known to some people as the older brother of Johannes Thingnes Boe, but in reality, Tarjei was the first big star in the Boe family. Tarjei won the IBU World Cup Total Score in 2011, his second World Cup season. That was just a year after won a Men’s Relay Gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, running the second leg for the Norwegian squad, anchored by the legendary Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. The easy-going, always quotable Tarjei’s resume includes 55 individual World Cup podiums (12 victories), 56 World Cup relay and mixed relay podiums, 21 IBU WCH medals and most recently four medals at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games. Maybe more important than his sports accolades, last September Tarjei became a father with his fiancé Gita Simonsen to a baby boy Aron.

After finishing second in the Pokljuka sprint and third in the pursuit, we asked Tarjei five questions about his biathlon life…plus a wild card bonus!

Biathlonworld: When did you realize that Johannes had more biathlon talent than you could imagine?

Tarjei Boe: When he was 18 years old and was skiing around half of the A-team in the National Champs at the end of the season.

BW: What is it about spending the holidays at your cabin that seems to reenergize you every year?

TB: Maybe the other athletes are going home for a break, while I’m trying to take advantage of some solid training at home. The conditions in Skeikampen, where the cabin is, are also the best for skiing in Norway.

BW: What is your biggest asset when you line for competition: experience, mental focus, or…?

TB: I think my biggest asset is that I’m I fighter and never give up. Regarding the technical parts I guess it’s the long uphills in the tracks and the prone shooting.

BW: What changed in your biathlon life when you became a father?

TB: Less time sitting on my iPhone, and less time watching Netflix. I guess the spare time is gone, but the feeling of being a dad is fantastic.

BW: Your only other podium at Pokljuka was also a second place in the 2010 sprint to Bjorn Ferry, what is the difference (other than age) between the 2010 Tarjei and the 2023 Tarjei?

TB: I think I’m a more complete athlete now. I’ve got more skills to play with in different situations.

BW: As a bonus for all your fans: What is something that most people do not know about you?

TB: I know how to play a drum set!

Photos: IBU/Christian Manzoni

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