Play True for Peace

Usually, on April 8th we celebrate the integrity of athletes on matters relating to doping and competition manipulation together with the World Anti Doping-Agency.

However, Play True takes a different meaning this year as the whole sports community is standing for peace. We are honoured to have had so many athletes showing support to the Ukrainian Biathlon Family and ask for peace.

Starting from the 8th BMW IBU World Cup stage of this just-finished season, in Kontiolahti, Finland, biathletes from numerous countries sported the Ukrainian flag on their racing gears in solidarity to people affected by the war.

The merging of Play True day and the desire of peace from the sports community is well summarized by the comment of BIU-ambassador athlete Julian Eberhard: “Living together in our society depends on honesty and sincerity. Sport, in particular, is a true role model in this respect. Playing true creates trust in yourself and in the people around you.”

"Everyone has a right to life, and that shouldn’t be taken away," affirmed Johanna Talihaerm: "Same as athletes have a right to compete in fair and clean competitions. War is dirty, doping is dirty".

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