Olympic Day 2023: Let's Move

This year's theme for Olympic Day is "Let's Move" - so we checked in with biathletes and coaches to show us some of their favourite exercises that are easy to do for everyone, no matter your level of fitness.

"Let's move" as a theme - but why? At the moment, over 80% of young people are unable to reach the recommended level of daily activity for ideal physical and mental health.

23 June, Olympic Day, is to serve as a starting point and inspiration to change for the better by encouraging people of all ages to move more. For more information on Olympic Day and its activities head to olympics.com

For today, Finland's Coach Erik Kulstad, Austria's Anna Gandler and Norway's Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen are showing you 3 ways to add more movement to your daily routine: these can be simple stretches, a bodyweight workout or a more challenging run.

Anna Gandler - Morning Stretch

Why not take it easy and start the day with some simple stretches to wake up your body and your joints? Austria's Anna Gandler shows you the basics in this short Instagram Reel.

Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen - Train Like A Biathlete

Join Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen for a short workout consisting largely of bodyweight exercises.

Erik Kulstad - Additional running drills.

Finland's coach Erik Kulstad gives you some additional suggestions to spice up your run, if you want to feel your legs burn just a little more.

Find hilly terrain or a steep uphill (but you should be able to run). Warm up 20min and do 4-6 intervals of 4 minutes length. and increase your intensity and speed with each interval. Work hard and push yourself, but make sure you have a wish to do the workout again. While running, keep your chest high and proud. When running uphills keep the "wheel rolling", use smaller steps to keep the momentum. On flat, get your knees high, so your stride gets longer.

And we've all seen how fast the Finnish team can run in Holmenkollen this year!

Photo: Andre/stock.adobe.com

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