Oestersund: Top 5 moments

Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen used the absence of JT Boe to his advantage, clinching the Individual Cup Score and taking the lead in the Mass start Cup Score. French women earned Relay Cup Score after 11 years of wait. A new Blue bib Tommaso Giacomel and Eric Perrot collected their first-ever World cup podium. Selina Grotian (and Germany) had Golden IBU Y & J World Championships in Kazakhstan. Campbell Wright made history for New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. Oh, and Doro was a bonus. She is always a bonus.

A terrific reward for great fighter Christiansen

With the BMW IBU World Cup Total Score title in his plans for the 2022/2023 season, Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen happily settled for the Individual Cup Score win in Oestersund. In the absence of JT Boe, whose out-of-this-world winter readjusted the plans and dreams of everyone else, Vetle kept his composure in grand style, finished third, and earned the Individual Cup Score as the eighth Norwegian ever. After 2018/2019, Lisa Vittozzi earned her second Individual Cup Score title.

Women Relay Cup Score to France after 11 years

In the absence of the Total Score leader Julia Simon, Lou Jeanmonnot, Chloe Chevalier, Caroline Colombo, and Anais Chevalier-Bouchet took the helm and finished second in the Women's relay. That brought French women their first Relay Cup Score after 11 years.

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A significant breakthrough for Giacomel, Perrot

After two sixth and two fifth places in the BMW IBU World Cup in 2022/2023, Tommaso Giacomel landed his first-ever in the Individual in Oestersund, finishing second. He is also the new leader in the U25 Cup Score standings, 31 points ahead of Niklas Hartweg. 21-years old Eric Perrot achieved a momentous milestone in Oestersund as he earned a career-first BMW IBU World Cup podium in the Mass start. Perrot had a great week in Sweden, finishing sixth in the Individual (his first-ever Flower ceremony podium) and second with the French relay.

A bonus: Simply being Doro (again)

No comment. Just watch. It is another memorable Doro moment. And a bonus for the week.

Golden Championships for Grotian

Selina Grotian, still eligible to compete as a Youth athlete, won four Junior Gold medals at the highly successful IBU Y & J World Championships in Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan. Grotian won in the Sprint and Pursuit and participated in the winning Mixed and Women Relays. Grotian will join the German World cup team in Oslo-Holmenkollen. Germany won 9 Gold medals, four more than Norway, as the most prosperous nation in Kazakhstan.

Wright makes history for New Zealand

Campbell Wright’s Sprint Gold medal was one of the most thrilling stories at the IBU Y & J World Championships in Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan. The 20-year-old performed flawlessly at the shooting range and had the fastest time across the tracks. His gold medal is the first-ever IBU Medal for an athlete from New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. Wright trains with the US team, which celebrated a Gold medal by Maxim Germain.

Photo: IBU/C. Manzoni, Per Danielsson; Yevenko

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