Roeiseland & Laegreid secure Norwegian Single Mixed victory

Norway’s Sturla Holm Laegreid took the lead at the first split and was almost unchallenged in winning the Otepaeae single mixed relay with teammate and anchor Marte Olsbu Roeiseland in 34:12.8. The duo, almost close to shooting perfection used just a single spare round. Sweden, with Sebastian Samuelsson and Hanna Oeberg used four spare rounds, finishing second, 12.4 seconds back. Germany’s Erik Lesser and Franziska Preuss, also with four spares finished third, 17.9 seconds back.

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Single spare round; skiing advantage

Laegreid with the only spare for Norway was far from disappointed. “It is such nice conditions that I knew there would be a high level of shooting here. I would have liked to have no mistakes like Marte but I am satisfied with one…Now we leave room for improvement. If our competitors improve, we can also be better…It was important to stay focused and calm in the shooting range and use the spectators in the tracks…It is an advantage that the course is quite tough because our skiing is quite good so we have an advantage there.

Olsbu Roeiseland added, “It was an exciting relay. It was such a long time since I did a single mixed so it was fun to race. It was just incredible.”

Norway wins Mixed Relay Score

Norway’s victory gave them the World Cup Mixed Relay Score Crystal Globe over Sweden. Norway won three of the season’s four mixed relay competitions.

France, with seven spares finished fourth, 1:05.5 back. Italy with three penalties and ten spares finished fifth, 1:13.5 back. Canada with five spares finished sixth, 1:14.9 back.

Laegreid and Samuelsson set the pace

Conditions remained perfect for the twenty-three mixed relay teams. Laegreid and Samuelsson set the pace into the prone stage. Laegreid with Simon Eder on his shoulder led the 12 teams that all left within eight seconds. Hofer cleaned in five shots to tag Vittozzi .8 seconds ahead of Hauser after Eder’s perfectly fast standing stage. Nine teams remained within 9.4 seconds going into the first women’s leg, with Lukas Hofer tagging Lisa Vittozzi in the lead.

Hanna and Marte

Hanna and Olsbu Roeiseland cleaned prone first as Vittozzi struggled with spares, adding three penalties. Slovenia held third with Hauser back in fifth, 10.9 seconds back. The Swede and Norwegian battled all the way into the standing stage, neither giving up a meter. Norway took a commanding lead when Hanna used three spares to clean, allowing Slovenia and the USA to move into second and third, 18 seconds back with Preuss tagging Lesser in fourth position, just a step in front of Samuelsson.

Laegreid’s Shooting perfection

Laegreid was in complete control as he came to his final prone stage. Five shots and Laegreid was gone; Lesser and Samuelsson did the same, together at 20.8 seconds back. Laegreid was full gas into the standing stage; he cleaned in five shots. Samuelsson matched, but tagged Hanna 18 seconds behind Olsbu Roeiseland. Lesser after one spare tagged Preuss in third but 27 seconds back.

Samuelsson was quite satisfied with the day. “I am quite satisfied. We did a really good race, only four spare bullets; that is really good in this format. It was a high-class competition, so we are really satisfied with second place…I am very happy with my shooting (only one spare)."

Marte Cleans Standing for the win

The Norwegian cleaned prone easily with Hanna matching very fast, but still 18 seconds back. Preuss did the same, still another 10 seconds behind Hanna. The leader added a few seconds to her gap before the standing stage while Preuss closed down a couple on Hanna. Olsbu Roeiseland easily went 5-for-5 sealing the win. Hanna shot fast again and was out in second with Preuss matching holding third.

Hanna's Last Standing

Hanna felt she had a great final standing stage. “I had a really good feeling on the shooting range…It was too much to keep up with Norway today, but otherwise I am really happy with my race today. The second leg was really good. It felt really good to do that last shooting under 20 second is always nice!”

The World Cup Total Score leader skied the last loop not too hard with victory in hand for Norway, followed by Hanna taking second for Sweden and Preuss bringing Germany home in third place.

Lesser, "Not my job anymore!"

Lesser in his final single mixed relay was his typical humorous self. “The next time there is a mixed relay, I will be for sure on the couch, lay back and say, ‘That is not my job anymore!’ Preuss added, “I was a little nervous because I knew it was the last race (single mixed) for Erik and I had to perform, so you have to be on the top level. It is so cool that we are on the podium again. We showed really good races, the other teams as well.”

Photos: IBU/Hendrik Osula

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