Jeanmonnot Triumphs in Soldier Hollow Pursuit

Lou Jeanmonnot of France made the deciding move that ensured victory in the last 100 meters of this morning’s Soldier Hollow Women’s 10 km Pursuit, slipping ahead of Italy’s Lisa Vittozzi for a 26:51.7 victory. Jeanmonnot and Vittozzi after cleaning the last standing stage left for the last loop a meter apart. Vittozzi set the pace over much of the loop, until the rising French star outsprinted her Italian rival in the final 100 meters for her third career victory and second win of the season.

Similar to Oestersund Pursuit Win

Jeanmonnot called her victory, “really cool…It was a good race for me.” The tight finish mirrored her previous pursuit win outsprinting Franziska Preuss by .3 seconds at Oestersund earlier in the season, commenting, “I like finish line sprints!”

Vittozzi, with one penalty like the winner finished second, .4 seconds back. Jeanmonnot’s teammate Julia Simon, wearing the Pursuit Red Bib finished third, with two penalties, 1:01 back. Simon remains first in the battle for the World Cup Pursuit Score title, 26 points ahead of Vittozzi.

Norway’s Karoline Offigstad Knotten, with two penalties, finished fourth, 1:09.1 back. Switzerland’s Lena Haecki-Gross, also with two penalties finished fifth, 1:14.9 back. Estonia’s Tuuli Tomingas equaled her personal best in sixth place, with two penalties, 1:24.7 back.

Sunny, Fast Tracks

Pursuit day in Utah dawned colder and mostly sunny, with the tracks much faster and firmer than in the sprint. Justine Braisaz-Bouchet led into the first prone, slowly shot clean; Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, Jeanmonnot and Vittozzi matched but gained no time on the sprint winner.

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Tandrevold and Jeanmonnot

The gap of almost 15 seconds between the Braisaz-Bouchet and her two nearest rivals remained the same into the second prone stage. The leader missed two shots, opening the door for Tandrevold and Jeanmonnot, leaving a step apart 1-2 after going 5-for-5. Braisaz-Bouchet trailed by 45 seconds heading to the standing stages.

First Standing: New Leaders

Everything changed again in the first standing. The Yellow Bib missed three shots, Jeanmonnot one, and Braisaz-Bouchet two, but Vittozzi closed all five targets, trailing Jeanmonnot by 5 seconds with Braisaz-Bouchet 27 seconds back.

Last Standing: Shot-for-Shot

Jeanmonnot and Vittozzi went shot-for-shot in the final standing with the young French star cleaning a second faster than her Italian rival, setting up a last loop battle. Simon jumped up to third, despite a penalty.

Vittozzi moved to the front after leaving the stadium, setting the tempo over much of the last two kilometers. Jeanmonnot took the initiative on the last small bridge coming into the stadium, sprinting to a small lead and the win. Simon followed in third, over a minute back.

Photos: IBU/Christian Manzoni

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