Andersen and Hildebrand win Idre sprints

The Idre IBU Cup continued today with the second round of sprints. Franziska Hildebrand continued the German lucky streak by closing all ten targets to win the women’s 7.5 km sprint in 20:45. On the men’s side Alexander Fjeld Andersen of Norway ended the German domination. Andersen closed all ten targets, finishing in 24:16.9 for the win. 

Women’s sprint competition

While Franziska Hildebrand took the win, the second place went once again to Caroline Colombo of France, 17.8 seconds behind with one standing penalty. Third place was shared between Irene Cadurisch of Switzerland with one penalty and clean-shooting Darya Blashko of Ukraine, both 35.3 seconds behind. 

Hildebrand continues the German streak

Starting with bib 45, Hildebrand showed already in the prone that she will be competing for the top places today. Third after a clean prone, 8.4 seconds behind the leader Juni Arnekleiv of Norway, Hildebrand cleared also the standing taking the lead from the Norwegian who earned one standing penalty. While her closest competitor Colombo earned one standing penalty as well, Hildebrand left standing with a 7.5 second lead over Colombo. Faster on skis, the German picked up more seconds during the last loop arriving at the finish line with a 17.8 second lead over Colombo for a third consecutive German team win. 

Franziska Hildebrand on her win: “I had a good start of the day. I slept well and I had a good feeling after breakfast and I was looking forward to the competition, to have some fun. Then I had a good feeling on the track and I was very happy with my prone shooting. I had also a very nice standing shooting. I had cold hands, but it was possible for me to shoot clean and it made me so happy that I had also a good last loop and now I’m here, it is my first win this year. I had a good competition and I’m happy. 

Cadurisch and Blashko tie for third

With first and the second place decided, all eyes were now on the contenders for the last step of the podium. Cadurisch missed once in standing and left seventh after completing her penalty loop, it seemed that the Swiss had no chance for the podium today. Finding a second gear in the last loop, she managed to pass her closest competitors claiming third place. At the same time, Blashko cleaned both stages leaving ninth after standing, but still managed to push herself on skis to arrive at the finish with the exact time as Cadurisch resulting in the shared third place. 

Russia’s Evgeniya Burtasova finished fifth, with one penalty, 37.8 seconds behind. Ragnhild Femsteinevik of Norway, despite missing twice, finished sixth, 38.5 seconds behind Hildebrand. 

Men's 10km sprint competition

With Andersen taking the win, clean-shooting Lucas Fratzscher of Germany had to settle for the second place today finishing 4.6 seconds behind the Norwegian. Russia’s Vasilii Tomshin, also hitting all the targets, claimed third place, 15.7 seconds back. 

First place duel 

While it might have seemed the German domination would continue in the men’s competition, Andersen had other plans. Knowing that only clean shooting would keep him fighting for the win, Andersen cleaned prone to leave in sixth, six seconds behind prone leader Johannes Kuehn. Taking back two spots by the start of the standing stage, Andersen knew that he had a great chance to head for the win. While Kuehn was still the leader entering the standing bout, his two misses sent him straight to eighth position opening the door for Andersen. Closing all the targets, the Norwegian took a 10.9 second lead over Fratzscher, who also managed to avoid the penalty loops. Despite losing speed in the last loop, Andersen was still able to beat Fratzscher arriving at the finish 4.6 seconds ahead of the German. 

Aleksander Fjeld Andersen confirmed going all in. “I had a very slow start; I was 11 seconds behind by the first split. When I heard that, I knew that I have to go all out from there on and so I did! I shot clean in both shootings and on the last loop it was a big fight between me and Fratzscher - I was going all out. I got very tired on the last hill, but I held it and got the victory. My ambition for tomorrow is to hold the lead, but Fratzscher is very close so I think we will have a good duel in the pursuit.”

With no chance for first place, Vasilii Tomshin set his eyes on the last podium spot. Third after his second clean shooting round, he kept the position until the end. Claiming third place, Tomshin earned the Russian team's first podium of the IBU Cup season. 

Kuehn of Germany, the fastest skier of the day, finished fourth after missing twice in standing, 36.4 seconds back. Teammate David Zobel missed once coming in fifth, 36.6 seconds behind,  Ilnaz Mukhamedzianov of Russia took sixth place, with one penalty and 38.4 seconds back.

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Photos: IBU/ Evgeny Tumashov

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