Norway wins Mixed Relays in Brezno-Osrblie

Team Norway won in the Mixed Relays and Single Mixed Relays on the closing day of the IBU Cup in Brezno-Osrblie.

Norway takes Mixed Relays

Isak Frey, Endre Stroemsheim Juni Arnekleiv, and Maren Kirkeeide, with seven reloads, won for Norway in today’s Mixed Relay in Brezno-Osrblie in 1:16:44.2.

Lucas Fratzscher, Philipp Nawrath, Marion Wiesensarter, and Juliane Fruehwirt, representing Germany, with six reloads, finished second, 1:02.7 behind Norway. Sweden’s Anton Ivarsson, Oskar Brandt, Sara Andersson, and Felicia Lindqvist skied two penalty looks and finished third, 2:02.2 behind the winners.

“It was my first Mixed Relay - I used to do Single Mixed Relays in the past - and it was a great experience. Isak (Frey) and I opened the competition and wanted to build a strong lead for Juni and Maren. Juni had a fantastic leg, and Maren kept her nerves in the standing shooting. It was fun!,” said Stroemsheim.

Kirkeeide found herself alone and lonely in the deciding standing shoot and delivered, with no reloads.

“It is not easy to shoot for a victory when your teammates before you have done such a great job. I focused on myself and avoided any reloads or penalty loops in the end. It was great to be part of this team,” chipped in Kirkeeide.

Single Mixed Relay for Dokken and Oeverby

Mats Oeverby and Frida Dokken, who each collected one second and fourth place in their individual endeavours in Brezno-Osrblie, matched up strongly and took the Single Mixed Relay in 41:47.2 .They had two reloads each.

Paul Fontaine and Paula Botet, representing France, with 9 reloads, crossed the finish line in second place, 31.7 seconds behind the Norwegians. Botet fought hard to get the better of Flurina Volken, who teamed up with Gion Stalder and brought home a third place for Switzerland, 33.8 seconds behind Oeverby and Dokken.

“I enjoyed competing today. I was on fire at the shooting range. I was happy to build a comfortable lead for Frida, who was brilliant in the last leg,” said Oeverby.

Dokken had one reload in the prone and showed no nerves in the last standing stage.

“I felt some nerves in the last standing shooting as I wanted to bring our good work safely over the finish line. It was fun competing with Mats,” said Dokken.

Photo: IBU/I. Stančik

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