Germany’s Riethmueller and Puff triumph in Ridnaun’s Mass Start 60

Danilo Riethmueller and Johanna Puff of Germany, both with 20/20, won the Mass Start 60 in Ridnaun-Val Ridanna.

For Riethmueller, it was the first-ever IBU Cup win, for Puff second.

Riethmueller's first-ever IBU Cup win

Riethmueller - with the help of earplugs to block the noise around him - was fifth after both prone stages and took the lead after the last standing shoot. He won in 37:07.5. Martin Nevland of Norway, with 18/20, finished 10.2 seconds behind the German for second place. Antonin Guigonnat of France, with just one miss, scored a podium for France, finishing third, 14.6 seconds behind Riethmueller.

The Winner's Words - Danilo Riethmueller

I will need some time to process today's win. Clean shooting was the key as the Norwegians kept the pace very high. It feels really great to finally score a first-ever win in the IBU Cup.

Watch Men's Mass Start 60 Highlights

Mats Oeverby of Norway, with 18/20, finished fourth, 20.1 seconds behind the winner. David Zobel of Germany, missing two shots, finished 1.8 seconds behind Oeverby. Johan Olav Botn, the Total Score leader, finished sixth, 26.9 seconds behind Riethmueller. He missed five shots but outskied the field with a substantial margin.

Sensational Puff wins Women’s race

Earlier in the day, Johanna Puff, with a clean sheet, won the Women's 12km Mass Start in Ridnaun-Val Ridanna. It is Puff's second IBU Cup win of the season.

Puff was second only after the first shoot and then kept her composure throughout the gruelling day on the tracks for a triumph in 34:00.8. Puff's teammate Selina Grotian, with four misses, but happy to be back on the podium after a long time, finished second, 52.1 seconds back. Ida Lien of Norway, missing one shot in each of the stages, completed the podium, 56.3 seconds behind Puff.

The Winner's Words - Johanna Puff

I am very happy with my shooting. Yesterday, I went for an easy-tempo classic tour to stay active. The tracks here are really demanding, and I had to dig deep on the skis. I used my Christmas break well to rest and get my energy back. I feel rejuvenated.

Watch Women's Mass Start 60 Highlights

Johanna Skottheim of Sweden, with 18/20, finished fourth, 1:09.5 behind Puff. Anna Kryvonos of Ukraine, with 18/20, finished fifth, 1:15.3 behind the winner. Lea Rothschopf of Austria, with two misses, crossed the finish line in sixth place, 1: 16.5 behind the winner for her second Flower ceremony finish in two weeks.

Jenny Enodd of Norway, ninth in today’s Mass Start 60, remained the leader in the Total Score standings. Puff moved to the second place, 55 points behind.

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Photo: H. Deubert: IBU Pool


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