Getting to know Selina Grotian

If you are a biathlon fan, the name Grotian might sound familiar to you. For the next episode of the “Getting to Know” series, we have chatted to Selina Grotian, who has collected six individual medals in her short career, despite still belonging to the youth category by age. The recent Junior Sprint winner from the Summer World Championships has opened up about her family, goals for the upcoming season as well as off-time activities.

In the footsteps of her two older brothers

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that little Selina wanted to follow her big brothers in everything they did, especially given the small age difference. Both Fynn (22) and Tim (24) acted as role models for their little sister and until these days, they still play an important role in her adult life. “I have always practiced the same things as my two siblings, for example, tennis or swimming, but we all had more joy in winter sports. I began to ski when I was four, started cross-country-skiing at the age of six and then changed to biathlon three years later.”

Looking at life from a different perspective

“Family and health are the most important things in life.” says the 18-years-old German, while explaining how everything changed for the whole family, when Fynn, the younger of the brothers had to be revived at the age of twelve due to congenital health condition. “Half of his cerebellum had to be removed. He had to relearn everything: to speak, to walk, and so on. He never gave up and fought his way back into life,” recounts Grotian. “In 2018 he graduated - and has been studying materials science ever since then. He had to fight for his life and since then we have seen everything a little differently,” she adds.

Tim as her training partner

Both Selina and her older brother Tim, who has won the IBU Junior Cup Total Score in 2018/2019, live in the same house, giving them the perfect opportunity to train together. “I am really impressed how he is managing everything and I’m very lucky that he always gives me hints and supports me all the time,” she recalls.

21/22 season: 6 podiums including Youth World Champion title

Grotian jumped into the Junior Cup circuit in January, finishing in second place in her first competition of the season in Pokljuka. “I was really surprised when our coach Andreas Birnbacher called me and said that I would get the opportunity to start in the Junior Cup in Pokljuka. First, I had to manage to get two weeks off from my school and I am very grateful that they supported me back then.”

Later on, she added four individual medals, including two from the Youth World Championships in Soldier Hollow (gold and bronze).

Looking ahead

“For the upcoming year, my main goal is to compete the full season in the IBU Junior Cup and to have constantly good results. Another one is to qualify for the YJWCH’ in Schuchinsk in March,” states Grotian. “From the long-term perspective, I want to work on improving my performance step by step. Above all I want to stabilize my shooting and minimize the misses. Of course, I also want to be able to get along with the world’s best on the tracks.”

Capturing memories and trying out new recipes

In her free time or when rest from biathlon is needed, Grotian likes to explore the nature. “I often go on a walk with my dog Nika and I love to take photos (usually of her). Also, in general I love shooting videos with my drone and my Gopro is in my pocket most of the time.” Once the German is back from the walk, her further steps lead to the kitchen. “I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, where I’m cooking or baking meals for myself and my family. At the moment, my favourite meals are cauliflower-curry with rice and banana bread.”

Photos: IBU/ Reichert, Selina Grotian, Tim Grotian's Instagram

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