Favourite biathlon memories 2022-2023

Before the start of the new training season it is the perfect time to look back at the memories from last winter. We asked both our media team as well the fans what were their fondest memories from the season 22/23. Walk down the memory lane and relive some of the iconic moments from Oberhof to goodbyes!

Johannes Dale being emotional for his victory in ALGB

“Johannes Dale is a World Championships medallist who had his most difficult year just behind, when not only he fell short of qualifying to the Olympics, but had issues finding his form in IBU Cup. His tears in Le Grand Bornand showed how much it meant to him to be returning up there.”

Giulio Gasparin, IBU Media team

Hanna Oeberg taking home the Individual gold in Oberhof

“Hanna Oeberg re-discovered her love for biathlon while being sick at home for Christmas and couldn’t compete in Pokljuka. Unchained from the inner pressure, Hanna rose to the occasion in Oberhof 2023, winning the Individual and Mass start. The Swede made her mark by winning the Gold medal in the Individual at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018: Oberhof 2023 happened exactly five years later. It was magnificent to watch her emotions swing between tears and laughter.”

Jaka Lucu, IBU Publications manager

Sebastian Samuelsson winning the WCH Mass Start

“After coming into the season with hopes of battling for the World Cup total Score, Samuelsson went to Oberhof with exactly zero individual podiums in the 2022/23 season. In Oberhof, it finally came together with three Bronze medals before he stepped on the line in the mass start. Clean shooting and a brilliant last loop, he powered past teammate Martin Ponsiluoma to win the Gold medal. I particularly love Samuelsson's comment, "I thought if I want to win a Gold medal, I had to risk it, give everything I had.”

Jerry Kokesh, IBU Media team

Dmytro Pidruchnyi finishing 5th in WCHs Sprint

“It was a perfect story of showing how much effort athletes put into their performance and how they overcome obstacles no matter what. With a very tough preparation for the season and only 6 weeks after knee surgery, it seemed that Pidruchnyi did something unbelievable by finishing 5th, among the best and strongest athletes. After the competition, the Norwegians, who took the other five places in the top 6, “welcomed” the Ukrainian into their team, which made that result even more special.”

Mariya Osolodkina, IBU World Cup Media Manager

A Farewell to remember

“Whilst bittersweet and agonising, the final week in Holmenkollen and its farewells continue to show one of the best and most human sides of our sport. Eckhoff, who had been side-lined all winter, joined the loop of honour; Roeiseland, Herrmann-Wick and Chevalier-Bouchet capped off their tremendous careers with successful competitions. Everyone - fans, friends, family and the athletes themselves - gets a final opportunity to say “see you later” and appreciate those who have decided to call it a career. The scenes in the finish after the final women mass start of the season will be etched on everyone’s memory for a long time.”

Rene Denfeld, Head of Digital

Lisa Vittozzi’s comeback

“It was heart-breaking to see how much Lisa tried in the season 21/22 but her confidence was not there. 5 mistakes in the shooting were just a regular thing and it is so hard to come back from that. Everyone knew that Lisa can shoot with no mistakes. However, it didn’t break her, and she came back stronger than ever this season! She is inspiring. So seeing her constantly in the top 10 and on podiums made me truly happy. I am eagerly anticipating the remarkable performances that Lisa will display in the upcoming 2023-2024 season!”

@khdklva / Instagram

Vetle crowning Johannes as the Hulk

“Vetle Christiansen giving Hulk gloves to Johannes Boe was my favourite moment because it symbolised the essence of biathlon family - the athletes really get along with each other they are not just rivals but friends. The atmosphere is fun! Everybody knew that JTB was unbeatable this season but it didn’t affect their attitude towards him. As an ardent fan of Vetle I’m obviously a bit biased but athletes like him make biathlon even more likeable because it’s not just hard work for him but also daily doses of good humour!”

@hannahillak / Instagram

Tuuli’s 6th place in Oberhof

“Tuuli’s 6th place was my favourite memory because it was very big moment for us Estonians. She worked so hard for it and it was good to see her happy about the achievement. The fact that it happened in the World Champs made it even crazier! There were so many emotions. This feeling I and all the other Estonian biathlon fans will never forget.”

@liisbetva / Instagram

Kiwi’s first World Championship gold

“Campbell’s uniqueness and energy that he brings to the races is like no other athlete. The last few years in his junior races he has the ability to win but was never able to get the result. The highlight moment for me was after his last shooting, the smile on his face showed that he knew what he was about to accomplish and that all the hard work has finally paid off. Well-deserved result!” @lukewri99 / Instagram

Seeing biathlon live for the first time

“I’ve been following biathlon from Australia for a few years, getting up early and staying up late to watch the races. This year I was finally able to see live biathlon for the first time and decided to go to the famous Holmenkollen. It was a dream come true seeing my favourite biathletes competing and enjoying the atmosphere of the crowds. It felt like one big biathlon family and it was so special for me to feel a part of that.” @cbl93 / Instagram

Photos: IBU's Photopool

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