Summer vibes for winter fights

We have asked six athletes the following questions:

1. Which song that they have listened to in the Summer would they take in Trimester 1?

2. And why would they take it: for a vibe, for a text, or a combination?

The answers were as colourful and different as their characters.

Marketa Davidova: When you are gone, Shawn Mendes

Definitely new album from Imagine Dragons and the song 'When you are gone' by Shawn Mendes 😄. I think it is always mix of this two🙈 sometimes you find yourself in the lyrics and sometimes you just feel it. Of course, fast songs definitely😄 I need the energy boost before the races 🙌🏻.

Julia Simon: Mon Amour-Remix, Zzoilo&Aitana

I have music that I listened a lot: it’s Mon Amour-Remix Zzoilo, Aitana. I really like the vibes and it reminds me of good times between friends. I am planning to listen to it before my races to have a smile on my face!

Sturla Holm Laegreid: Fisherman's Blues, The Waterboys

I'm not really up to date with the newest releases but let's go for Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys. It's been a summer song for me! And before competitions, I go without music for the best focus! 🧘‍♂️

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Sebastian Samuelsson: Hello, Adele

Music is not my thing 😂 But I go with an old song, Hello with Adele just because it’s one of the best songs of all time 😉 I will for sure listen to it before racing! 😀

Stina Nilsson: Blå, Hov1

Hi! Yes, I have recently added Blå with the Swedish band Hov1. It has a nice vibe and I feel very Swedish when I hear it. ”Blå” means blue 🇸🇪 so yes, you do the math 😌 I Will probably keep listen to it this season during training and before races 😎🙌🏻.

Vytautas Strolia: Kung, Clap your hands

A song that stuck with me this year is Kungs - Clap your hands. I love her vibe 😁 and especially makes good mood during the training. But before competitions I don't listen to the music, so it is just for free time or... after good race 🏅😅😅.

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