Antholz-Anterselva: Top 5 moments

Knowing how Dorothea Wierer operates and communicates, Dominik Windisch predicted the 'Vintage Doro' outcome. JT Boe continued breaking his records. Denise Herrmann-Wick is in phenomenal form, with the BMW IBU World Championships Oberhof 2023 just two weeks away. It took French women seven years to top the podium in the relay in Antholz-Anterselva again. And para-biathletes opened the World Championships in Oestersund, Sweden.

Of course, Doro, of course

Of course, her legs were heavy. Of course, she missed most of the shots in the zeroing. Of course, she generally felt really bad. It is just that she did the opposite when the competition started. In the end, we got a vintage Wierer flash interview. And that Wierer look. She knew what Windisch knew.

Johannes did another  . . .  Johannes

After Sturla Holm Laegreid - the second-best biathlete of the season, who is having a formidable season himself - found out that he lost eight seconds to JT Boe in the first 100 meters in the Sprint, he did what any man in his sane mind would do. He concentrated on his business and let Johannes challenge Johannes from Ruhpolding. JT Boe won in the fifth consecutive Sprint and strung together a fourth Sprint-Pursuit double this winter. He looks unbeatable come Oberhof 2023.

Oberhof 2023 watch out: Denise is flying!

Denise Herrmann-Wick openly admitted that she is in the form of her career just two weeks before her home-bound BMW IBU World Championships Oberhof 2023. She won in the Pursuit, her second triumph of the season, and almost matched the speed of Anamarija Lampič in the Sprint, where both ex-cross-country skiers missed two shots but still finished in the Flower ceremony. Denise and her husband are planning a short break before Oberhof 2023 begins. Listen to Denise to find out about her plans before Oberhof 2023.

French women ended seven years of drought in Antholz

Julia Simon crushed a two-competition crisis with a stellar performance in the women’s relay and anchored France to a first win since 2016. Seven years ago, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, Anais Bescond, Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, and Marie Dorin-Habert needed eight reloads and won 17.2 seconds ahead of the Czech Republic. Lou Jeanmonnot, Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier, and Simon used just two reloads for 45.2 seconds advantage over their fiercest rivals Sweden.

Para Nordic Skiing World Championships in Oestersund opened

While the BMW IBU World Cup took place in Antholz, the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships began in Oestersund with the first biathlon competitions on Saturday. The 7.5km sprints (Sitting, Standing, Vision Impaired) opened the event with the first Gold medals going to Germany (2x), Canada (2x), USA, and Ukraine. IBU President Olle Dahlin handed out the medals to the podium finishers on Saturday. The IBU is broadcasting the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships on its youtube channel, continuing with the next two competition days on 25 and 27 January 2023.

Photo: IBU/C. Manzoni, Karl Nilsson/Parasport Sverige

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