IBU Fan Surveys

IBU Fan Surveys


The International Biathlon Union (IBU) ran an online fan survey during the IBU World Championships Biathlon in Antholz this February. Over 4,000 fans from more than 70 countries completed the survey which was launched to understand supporters' views and experiences. Most answers received came from France and Germany, 53% of the participants were female and two-thirds of the participants were under 34 years old.

The IBU has been evaluating and analysing all the feedback that the fans have given. The results will be used to refine the implementation of Target 26 and develop strategies in several sectors such as Events, Communications and Sustainability.


After a successful first edition in 2020, the IBU ran the annual Biathlon Fan Survey for a second time in February and March this year. With over 13,000 completed responses from 83 countries, participation tripled compared to last year's edition. Once again, the insights and feedback are going to help the IBU to provide a better biathlon fan experience in the future!

Sports provided a welcome distraction in a very difficult past year. Many fans have followed biathlon more closely - and are eager to attend events again when safety protocols allow it.

A biathlon app and personalisation of your biathlon experience remain in high demand - which will be delivered in November 2021.

With Beijing 2022 approaching, the Survey determined that almost a quarter of all participating fans developed a taste for biathlon during the Winter Olympic Games. This information is crucial for our content planning this upcoming season.

Sustainability and Climate issues continue to be a priority - as we have seen during the great reception of the first Biathlon Climate Challenge this year.