World Photography Day 2023 – Through Jacquelin‘s and Dickson’s lenses

On this year’s World Photography Day (19 August 2023), we’re taking a look at biathlon through the eyes of Emilien Jacquelin (FRA) and Emily Dickson (CAN). Both athletes have found a liking in capturing their life in the sport through photography.

We followed Dickson on a sunny March day in Oestersund as she photographed the mass starts at the BMW IBU World Cup while Emilien Jacquelin shared with us a selection of some of his favourite shots he has taken over the course of the 2022/2023 season.

Enjoy their impressions!

Header iconJacquelin for World Photography Day 2023

Header iconDickson for World Photography Day 2023

Pictures: Emilien Jacquelin & Emily Dickson

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