Crafting your voice as an athlete climate activist

Jules Burnotte has been both a team leader in last year's Biathlon Climate Challenge - and was elected to be one of the IBU's Sustainability Ambassadors one year ago.

Earlier this week, the Canadian joined the Sustainability report to talk about his journey to becoming a Sustainability Ambassador and finding ways to use his voice for a topic that's always been important to him.

"With the IBU, I see myself as a stakeholder. I want to look at what scientists tell us, and what politicians and social scientists say. I just want to look at it and say "these are the recommendations" - and what can we do to get close to them. Do we have to fly less? Do we have to reuse equipment more and repair? It's not always about knowing everything, it's about asking yourself the right questions [when it comes to the topic of sustainability]. I don't see myself as climate expert or a politician. I see myself as part of this bigger institution. Even if I don't have that much of an impact as an individual, the [IBU] as a whole does."

You can listen to the whole podcast below:

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