Tarjei Boe Continues career in 2024/2025

Ahead of the Norwegian championships of Geilo, Tarjei Boe has finally revealed his plans to VG and he will not hang up his rifle just yet. Coming off one of the best seasons of his career, the 35-year-old reflected on his future during the Easter break and decided to keep on fighting in the biathlon tour.

The season has been very good, both from a sports perspective as well as that I find it very fun”, he said: “It is nice to see that I can still continue to be better even though I am 35 years old. It has given me a lot of motivation”.

For sure, having finished second in the Total Score after a season-long fight with his brother played a role and so the awareness of being one of the world’s best athletes consistently: the Sprint trophy, one victory in Hochfilzen and three silver medals at the BMW IBU World Championships of Nove Mesto na Morave all contributed to his decision.

But it was not out of the blue, this season comes off a series of strong placements in the rankings and he believes this is thanks to a new work-life balance.

“I was never as good at biathlon as I was after I met Gita (his fiancé) so she is a big part of it. She is the secret trainer in this success!” he explained.

Obviously, a big part in this decision has been taken based on the situation at home, since the biathlon season asks for a toll, especially when you are a parent.

It is the traveling and what comes with it when you have become a father and have traveled for many years. You are gone a lot. Gita has to do a lot at home, so I have to respect that it is tough at times. And the fact that you have a little boy, of course…

Given Tarjei’s popularity among fans and colleagues, many people will be delighted to see him at the start gate next November when the BMW IBU World Cup will kick off in Kontiolahti.

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