Research Grant 2022/23 successfully finished

The second cycle of the Research Grant Programme was successfully finished with the final presentations of the 5 supported Universities on Tuesday, 12 September 2023.

The Universities presented the final results of their scientific findings which they collected during the last 12 months to the IBU Research Grant Working Group. The results will be shared soon with all our National Federations on the IBU Website, the E-Learning Platform "Learning Suite" and via the IBU social media channels.

The following projects were accomplished within the Research Grant Programme 2022/23:

  • AECC University College (GBR) - Psychophysiological Interventions in Biathlon. Project Leader: Dr. Zoe Wimshurst.

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Sport, Magglingen (SUI) - Resting Metabolic Rate and Exercise Energy Expenditure in Swiss Elite Biathletes. Project Leader: Dr. Thomas Steiner.

  • Norwegian School of Sport Science (NOR) - High-level Biathletes with a fast-start Pacing Pattern improve Time-Trial Skiing Performance by pacing more evenly. Project Leader: Prof. Thomas Losnegard.

  • Nord University (NOR) - The long-term Development of Performance, Physiological, and Training Characteristics in a world-class female Biathlete. Project Leader: Dr. Guro Strom Solli.

  • Mid Sweden University - The Application and Utility of Wearable Sensors for Athlete Monitoring in Biathlon. Project Leader: Dr. Craig Staunton.

"The Research Grant Programme is an important project within the IBU Academy to support the research on biathlon. The findings can be used by coaches, athletes, and other members of the biathlon family for purposes like increasing the performance or injury/illness prevention", said Gerold Sattlecker, Head of the IBU Academy.

The next cycle (2023/24) has already started and 6 Universities are supported. Please find all relevant details about the IBU Research Grant Programme here: LINK.

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