Biathlon Canada and the Sea to Sky Nordics hosted an IBU Regional Event in Whistler, Canada on August 26-27. 

Unfortunately on August 26, due to the high levels of smoke in the air from wildfires in the region, the officials and athletes decided to cancel the competitions that day for the health of the athletes.

Thankfully on Sunday the winds shifted and blew the smoke away so that the competition could proceed under hot and sunny conditions. 54 athletes competed in the Sprint competition, including several members of Canada’s national team as well as U.S. and British athletes. 

The podiums in the Open Men and Open Women categories were dominated by Canada’s Senior National Team. Christian Gow won the Men’s Sprint, ahead of Adam Runnalls and Logan Pletz. In the Women’s Sprint, Nadia Moser shot clean to finish ahead of Emma Lunder in second and local athlete Benita Peiffer in third.

American Thor Sheppard won the Junior Men’s category, 9.1 seconds ahead of Gavin Johnston with Theo Fradette 21.5 seconds off the pace in third. Two Junior Women started the race with Alexandra Hulshof beating out Clara Neander by 32.2 seconds.

The Youth Men and Youth Women fields were both competitive, and were won by local athletes. Singjo Ng won the Youth Men’s Sprint, followed by his teammate Lucas Clements, both from Squamish. Kenny Ledingham was third, 1:05.8 seconds back with 5 penalties. Mia Rodger won the Youth Women Sprint, ahead of Aliah Turner and Sophie Bertrand.

In the Senior Boys and Senior Girls U17 categories, local Taje Hansen won the boys race with Ewan Hawes in second and Tyler Lum rounding out the field in third. The girls race was won by Isla Cadell, with Cheyenne Tirschmann and Gabby Hoehn completing the podium.



Senior girls 17




1. Cadell Isla, CAN

2. Tirschmann Cheyenne, CAN

3. Hoehn Gabby, CAN

1. Rodger Mia, CAN

2. Turner Aliah, CAN

3. Bertrand Sophie, CAN

1. Hulshof Alexandra, CAN

2. Neander Clara, CAN

1. Moser Nadia, CAN

2. Lunder Emma, CAN

3. Peiffer Benita, CAN


Senior boys 17




1. Hansen Taje, CAN

2. Hawes Ewan, CAN

3. Lum Tyler, CAN

1. NG Singjo, USA

2. Clements Lucas, CAN

3. Ledingham Kenny, CAN

1. Sheppard Thor, USA

2. Johnston Gavin, CAN

3. Fradette Theo, CAN

1. Gow Christian CAN

2. Runnalls Adam, CAN

3. Pletz Logan, CAN


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