Sweden, Norway win Mixed Relays in Osrblie

Sweden in the Single Mixed Relay and Norway in the Mixed Relay are the winners of the closing day at the IBU Open European Championships Brezno-Osrblie 2024.

Sweden stuns Norway

Anton Ivarsson and Sara Andersson won a closely-contested Singe Mixed Relay. - decided by Andersson’s excellent final shooting - in 41:50.1. Vebjoern Soerum and Emily Aagheim Kalkenberg won silver for Noway, 13.9 seconds back. Patrick Jakob and Kristina Oberthaler put Austria on the podium in third place, 43.9 seconds behind Sweden.

The Winner’s Words - Sweden

“I knew Vebjoern is faster on the skis and needed to shoot well to stay close. I am happy I executed the plan,” said Ivarsson. “I focused on my shooting procedure in the last shoot. Luckily, I cleared all five targets,” added Andersson.

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Kirkeeide anchors Norway to a win

Earlier in the day, Maren Kirkeeide anchored Norway to the sixth Gold medal at the IBU Open European Championships in Brezno-Osrblie. Norway (Frey-Botn-Lien-Kirkeeide) won in 1:04:23.3, 14,6 seconds ahead of France (Guiraud-Poillot-Guigonnat-Michelon-Bened) and 53.8 seconds ahead of Italy (Romanin-Betemps-B. Trabucchi-Auchentaller).

The Winner's Words - Norway

"I wanted to give Johan as big an advantage as possible. It worked well", said Frey, who opened the relay for the winners. "It is a big responsibility to try and carry the work of your teammates over the finish line. But I remained calm despite a few reloads. I am really pleased with my fourth medal," said Kirkeeide.

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Kirkeeide finished the Open Championships with three gold and one silver medal, Ida Lien with two golds, Isak Frey with two golds and one bronze, and Johan Olav Botn with two silver and one gold medal.

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Photo: IBU Pool: I. Stančik


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