Oberhof 2023: In Their Own Words

The 2023 BMW IBU World Championships is already in the rearview mirror – but some of the quotes will stay with us for a lot longer than the fortnight of fantastic biathlon in Oberhof.

1. Sebastian Samuelsson’s assessment of Boe’s domination after the Men Individual

„I just have to say that I’m very impressed with the skiing Johannes does. I think we have talked about it the whole season. I have also said the whole season he will not win four gold medals in Oberhof, now he has three in the individual races already. He can do it. There is not so much you can do during the winter. We are at least one minute behind in skiing time and you can change some seconds but one minute is tough so I think we just have to fight with what we have now and then it comes a new year with a new chapter, good training in summer and autumn we can catch at least some time against this beast beside me.”

Samuelsson eventually came good on his prediction, denying Boe Mass Start Gold on the last day of the World Championships.

2. Denise Herrmann celebrated her sprint gold and pursuit silver – but the Relay medal with the women clearly holds a special place in the heart of the “Mama” of the German team:

“It’s really cool to see this young team growing higher and higher in the World Cup season and also from last year. They really [attack] on skis and attack the competition and it’s really impressive also for me to see this motivation in the girls and I think for the next years we can look forward to more interesting races and it’s really good to be part of the team. It was really cool to get a medal now for the whole team, it’s not just the athletes who are sitting here. It’s the team around the team, the girls who didn’t compete today and it’s a big motivation for us, it was the goal for the whole summer.” (Women Relay Press Conference)

3. Tarjei Boe, on his “dream team” at the flower ceremony of the Men Sprint, which was composed of his teammates and honorary teammate Dmytro Pidruchnyi who finished in 5th place.

“This is a special day. 1 and 2 [for Johannes and myself] – Norwegians in 3, 4 and 6 with a Ukrainian athlete at 5. If I should pick 6 athletes, that was the perfect story to tell the world that we’re together and he’s a part of our team and we support them also.” (Men Sprint Press Conference)

4. Double World Champion Hanna Oeberg on finding the missing puzzle piece ahead of Oberhof:

“I’ve been missing some happiness in my competitions and doing biathlon for maybe 1 ½ or 2 years and now that it’s come back to me, I really feel what I have been missing and that means nearly more than these medals – to be able to compete and really enjoy it. I’m so happy that I managed to really enjoy the Championships and make it all the way.” (Women Mass Start Press Conference)

5. Dorothea Wierer on staying much longer in the sport than many would have predicted and being part of the first ever Italian Women Relay gold medal team.

“I’m thinking every day about (the end of my career) [laughs]… but I’m still here. Of course - every year is different; every athlete has some moments when everything is really good and then you have moments when it’s a little bit harder but it’s sport. We are human. But the result of today is history for Italy. It’s really great to take part in this race.”

Don’t forget that you can watch all Press Conferences and Interviews on the biathlonworld youtube channel.

Pictures: Reichert + Manzoni / IBU

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