Nove Mesto na Morave: Top 5 moments

JT Boe extended his extraordinary winning streak in Nove Mesto na Morave with another - sixth - Sprint-Pursuit double of the season. Marte Olsbu Roeiseland and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold entertained the fabulous crowd in the final lap of women’s Pursuit, a true thriller. Endre Stroemsheim and Tilda Johansson are the IBU Cup Total Score winners. And Mixed relays kicked off the IBU Y&J World Championships in Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan.

JT Boe is breaking his own all-time records

After the sixth Sprint-Pursuit double in Nove Mesto na Morave, JT Boe counts 13 BMW IBU World Cup wins this winter. When we add three wins from the BMW IBU World Championships Oberhof 2023, Johannes’s 2022/2023 is at 16 wins, a record-equaling achievement from the 2018/2019 season. With five individual competitions to go - and health permitting - the odds speak in favour for Johannes to win a record-breaking 17th individual competition of the season.

Marte vs. Ingrid Pursuit last lap thriller

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland loves Nove Mesto na Morave for many reasons. She won her first-ever BMW World Cup competition and Sprint-Pursuit in 2018/2019 in the Czech Republic. Nove Mesto na Morave hosted the IBU Y&J World Championships in 2011 when Marte made her international debut. And above anything else - and just like the rest of the athletes - she relishes the unique atmosphere that carried her and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold through the final lap of women’s Pursuit, a true thriller.

Latvia breaks through in a Single Mixed Relay drama

Baiba Bendika and Andrejs Rastorgujevs used nine spare rounds and the usual whirlwind dynamics accompanying the fiercest competition in the BMW IBU World Cup, clinching third place in the Single Mixed Relays and a first-ever Relay podium for Latvia.

Stroemsheim and Johansson win the IBU Cup Total Score title

Endre Stroemsheim will forever remember Nove Mesto as the venue where he scored his first-ever Flower ceremony finish - 4th place in the Sprint - and anchored Norwegian Mixed relay to a third place He fought hard for a place in the Norwegian formidable World cup team from the start of the season. With the new quotas system, he joined the Boe brothers and the rest at the BMW IBU World Championships Oberhof 2023, while carrying unassailable lead in the IBU Cup Total Score standings. Tilda Johansson fought-off a nasty C-19 in Trimester 3 and found the last ounces of her energy in Canmore to win the women’s IBU Cup Total Score with two points advantage over Gilonne Guigonnat.

IBU Y & J World Championships kick-off in Kazakhstan

The IBU Y & J World Championships kicked-off on Saturday in Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan. Norway (Gold), Germany (Silver) and Ukraine (Bronze) were the three fastest Youth Mixed relays. Germany was the fastest in the Junior Mixed relays, followed by France and Norway. Julia Kink (Germany) and Jakob Borgula (Slovakia) won in the Youth Individual competitions on Sunday.

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Photo: IBU/C.Manzoni, J Svoboda. H. Deubert, Yevenko

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