Supplying partners meeting

The IBU organised its annual pre-season Supplying Partners Meeting on 13 October 2023. The participants met online and, among other things, discussed the IBU calendar for 2023/2024 and material distribution logistics.

The IBU presented short information about the IBU competition schedule for the upcoming season. It gave general information about the Fluor ban and the test device Alpha II (by the company Bruker), which will be used in the BMW IBU World Cup and at the BMW IBU World Championships as well as in the IBU Cup and at the IBU Open European Championships. The IBU opted for the common-waxing procedure at the IBU Junior Cup, Junior Open European Championships, IBU Youth/Junior World Championships, Regional Events, Youth Olympic Games, and European Youth Olympic Festival. The participants also discussed new products regarding material test recommendations, registration procedures for the events, and the logistics for December’s material distribution in Hochfilzen.

The virtual meeting concluded with updates from the Communication department and further steps taken for the IBU to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals.

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