JT Boe Defends World Championship Pursuit Title

Norway’s Johannes Thingnes Boe after three early penalties came back, cleaned the final standing stage of this evening’s IBU World Championships Men’s 12.5 km Pursuit, to win the Gold medal for the second consecutive year. JT’s 32:36.9 came after teammate Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen controlled the first three stages, but missed twice in the last standing falling from the Gold medal position.

“A couple of shots were…woo, close ones”

JT admitted that the win was hard fought and the victory, “meant a lot. It was big fight especially with Vetle; also, Tarjei was very fast on the skis. The final two shootings were not easy at all. The wind came and you know you are shooting for Gold. So, it was a little bit of wind and nerves; that is enough. For me, I had a couple of shots that were…woo, close ones but still inside. When you have those, then the next one is more in the center. Some shots are a little bit of luck and then you focus and aim more towards the center.”

“Did not think a Gold medal was in reach”

The Gold medalist was not very confident he could defend his title from last year in Oberhof. “It is a dream coming true. Winning the Gold medal after last year is high pressure for sure. I have not felt like a favorite before these World Championships. I did not think a Gold medal was in reach. But in case I had a good day, everything is possible. Now my shape is getting better and better. We had great skis again today and are enroute to the same results as last year.

Norway swept the podium today as in yesterday’s sprint with the same three men, only JT and Sprint winner Sturla Holm Laegreid switched places. Laegreid recovered from seventh after the first prone to clean the standing stages, moving past Christiansen to win the Silver medal, 28.7 seconds back. Christiansen, with three penalties like Laegreid won his second Bronze medal, 38.5 seconds back. Christiansen had never won an individual IBU WCH medal prior to this weekend.

The Norwegian dominance continued with Johannes Dale-Skjevdal fourth and Tarjei Boe fourth and fifth, respectively with Sweden’s Sebastian Samuelsson sixth.

Rain and Wind

The men faced drizzly rain like the women, but with gusty shooting range winds. JT took the lead before the first prone, missing a shot and Laegreid two. Christiansen cleaned, pushing the pace into the second prone. Christiansen cleaned; JT added two more loops.

JT moved back into the chasers group. Christiansen missed once, remaining 15 seconds up on clean-shooting JT and Tarjei while Laegreid cleaned in fourth.

Christiansen’s lead dwindled to eight seconds by the last standing. Christiansen missed twice, JT cleaned, jumping to a secure 35-second lead. Laegreid cleaned again, leaving Christiansen behind.

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Defending Champion

JT enjoyed the last loop, stopping to salute the crowd, and pointing to “Defending Champion” on his chest.

Photos: IBU/Vianney Thibaut, Nordic Focus

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