IBU featured with 3 Sustainability Case Studies by IOC

The IOC published its 2023 Olympic Movement Sustainability Case Studies and the IBU is well-represented with three new case studies.

For the past 8 years, the IOC has been selecting impressive sustainability efforts by the Olympic Movement. The IBU has been featured in all three recent selections, starting with the "IBU Sustainability Strategy" in 2020, the "Biathlon Climate Challenge" (2022) as well as "IBU making its Digital Ecosystem more sustainable" (2022). For the 2023 edition, a total of three IBU sustainability projects have been chosen for IOC case studies, the most out of anyone in the Olympic Movement.

The 10-year IBU Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030 is designed around five focus areas - all of them being addressed by at least one of the three case studies selected by the IOC.

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