International Day of Families: families in biathlon

May 15th marks the International Day of Families and the connection between this occurrence and biathlon feels as natural as it can be: fans of the sport know the Biathlon Family as the wider group of people working, practicing and cheering for biathlon. They will tell you that it is more than a label but an actual shared feeling among all who love our sport. However, it is not uncommon to see actual families being involved in biathlon. From the Boe brothers to the Oeberg sisters, the three Claudes and Gasparins, or even new families like Marte and Sverre Olsbu Roeiseland or David and Katharina Komatz – to the latter, our best wishes #babykomatzcomingsoon.

The Boe Brothers

Possibly one of the most beloved pair of siblings on the tour: Tarjei and Johannes Thingnes Boe are famous for their banter, their sports moments as well as those off-the-range. This winter, we met them to know more about their journey and their relationship.

Rivals on track, spouses in life: the Olsbu Roeiselands

Weeks before the announcement of her retirement, Marte Olsbu Roeiseland accepted to have some fun with us and her husband Sverre. As he coaches the German team, the two were set to be rivals at the BMW IBU World Championships of Oberhof, but we soon found out that a bit of rivalry is what makes their love story a match!

The Oeberg Sisters

It was a few months before what turned out to be some fantastic Olympics for Elvira Oeberg when we talked to her and Hanna about going to the Games in Beijing together. Elvira, as a youngster, wanted to emulate the success of her older sister, while Hanna wanted to give her sister all the tips she could to help her succeed. Of course, this past season, the tables were reversed with Hanna coming out as the most success woman at the World Championships in Oberhof.

1 Game night with 3 brothers from 2 countries

Three brothers, each of them with a unique journey in biathlon, but one strong sense of camaraderie. Florent, Fabien and Emilien Claude do not often have the time to play games these days, but they were more than happy to face off each other on a game of connect 4.

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