V stands for Vetting: Fit for IBU Official Roles

Over the course of the past weekend, several new and familiar names were voted into important positions in the IBU. To ensure they are all fit for office, they must go through the BIU vetting process.

The Vetting of IBU Officials, whether in Staff positions or positions on the Executive Board or Technical Committee is conducted by the BIU Vetting panel.

The BIU Vetting panel consists of three independent BIU board members supported by the Biathlon Integrity Unit. Having independent members of the Vetting Panel ensures a fair and impartial process and outcome.

The Vetting Rules are determined in the IBU Constitution and come into place every time someone applies to hold a position within the IBU. This means that the background of each applicant is checked and the applicant has to fill out a form and might be requested to partake in an interview. Subsequently, the BIU Vetting Panel will determine if somebody is fit for office.

For more information, watch the video by the BIU and follow the BIU on Instagram and Twitter.

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