IBU hosts first-ever IBU Snow Network

The first IBU Snow Network – comprising snow management experts from across the IBU’s Organising Committees – met in Bolzano, italy, on 7-9 October to exchange ideas on the future of sustainable snow management.

A total of 50 participants, representing 19 Organising Committees, IBU staff, IBU technical experts and independent researching experts attended the forum for discussion, networking and knowledge transfer.

The delegates reviewed the results of the first IBU survey, which collected and compared data from IBU events on snow storage, grooming and transport, treatment and sustainability of snow management. It was discussed how resources, such as water, electricity and other fuels, could be used more efficiently to minimise the IBU’s climate footprint and environmental impact. The delegates also determined the next steps and roadmap for a more sustainable future for snow management. As the meeting was held at the premises of IBU Supplying Partner Gold – Techno Alpin, an interesting factory tour with an update about the newest available snow-making technology was also part of the meeting days.

The meeting was a key element of IBU’s Sustainability Strategy which was developed as part of Target 26 – Innovating our future.

The IBU has committed to reduce its footprint by 45% and become climate neutral by 2030 and climate positive by 2034. As a snow sport, biathlon is particularly reliant on the climate and is proactively working to find solutions to ensure sustainable and efficient access to snow at all levels of competition.

For more information about the IBU's Sustainability Policy and Strategy, click here.

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