IBU Physicians Webinar

The IBU Physicians Webinar, held on the 14th of June, brought together coaches, medical staff, athletes, and sports directors seeking valuable insights to advance athlete health and performance. Attendees gained practical knowledge, strategies, and guidance to optimize performance while prioritizing well-being.

During the IBU Physicians Webinar, renowned experts delved into key topics essential for advancing athlete health and performance. Dr. Jan Wüstenfeld provided insights into exercise-induced respiratory distress, addressing its causes and management. Dr. Tom Kastner shared effective strategies for preventing and managing upper respiratory infections in athletes. Dr. Katja Mjøsund discussed the complexities of medication and therapeutic use exemptions, emphasizing fair play implications. Dr. Alan Currie explored the challenges and strategies surrounding athletes' return to competition after mental health issues, highlighting the importance of prioritizing well-being. These topics collectively offered attendees valuable knowledge and practical approaches to optimize athlete performance while safeguarding their health.

The IBU Physicians Webinar garnered an impressive number of over 200 registrants, all seeking to gain access to the recorded sessions. Furthermore, the live session boasted an engaged audience of 98 attendees who received not only the recordings but also a certificate of participation. This outstanding response reflects the relevance of the topics discussed and the caliber of the speakers.

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