In the beautiful area of Graubünden, Switzerland, a special event is about to happen. From October 23rd to 28th, the IBU LENZI Youth Camp will be the meeting point for young biathletes from 20 different nations. The camp is supported by the IOC.

About the Camp

This camp is for young athletes born in 2006 and 2007, helping them to train and learn from different cultures and perspectives. As Lenzerheide gets ready to host the big event of the 2025 IBU World Championships, this camp is a stepping stone. It’s a place to build skills, make friends, and understand different cultures.

The camp will host 80 young athletes and 20 coaches from 20 different IBU nations around the world. It is a great chance to train with the best coaches and meet top Swiss athletes who will be training at the same place.

Sports Program

The sports program is designed to help everyone, no matter their level. The young athletes will try different training activities, including:

  • Strength and Mobility

  • Rollerski Training

  • Shooting Training

  • Running

  • Playing Games

Moreover, a long hike in the enchanting Swiss mountains and a friendly competition encapsulates the spirit of biathlon and are pivotal elements of the week’s plan.

Educational Program

In today’s world, knowing how to use social media is very important. The camp will help young athletes learn how to use social media in a good way, to share and promote lesser-known sports. This includes learning sessions with experts and even a social media contest. This part of the program is led by Jasmin Schnider, working with the University of Applied Science Graubünden.

The Coaches

The camp is led by a team of experienced Swiss-Ski biathlon coaches:

  • Selina Gasparin

  • Benjamin Weger

  • Ilmar Heinicke

  • Sergey Semenov

  • Harry Egger

  • Christian Stebler

These coaches will share their knowledge and help the young athletes grow during the camp.

About Lenzerheide

Lenzerheide is a beautiful holiday place, known for hosting big events successfully. It is a haven for people who love outdoor activities. The camp takes place at the Roland Arena, a top-notch venue that supports the growth and dreams of young athletes.


The participant list is already closed and everyone is looking forward to the camp. It is not just a place to improve sports skills, but also a place to learn important skills like how to use social media well in today's world.

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