IBU Launches New Sustainability Education Course

To mark the European Day of Climate Education, the International Biathlon Union is excited to announce the launch of its Sustainability Education Course, developed in collaboration with sustainability and education experts.

Sustainability being one of the three foundational principles of the IBU, this initiative represents a significant step towards implanting sustainable practices within the Biathlon Family and beyond. To realise the IBU's vision to ensure a sustainable future for winter and snow sports, high-quality education on this topic is essential. By promoting the idea that “every job is a sustainability job”, the IBU is dedicated to reducing the sport's carbon footprint by 50% and achieving climate neutrality by 2030.

The course, hosted on the IBU Academy’s E-Learning platform “LearningSuite’” offers a rich learning experience spanning 4 hours of content. It is methodically structured into three modules – Macro, Meso, and Micro level courses – designed to cover various aspects of sustainability.

Learners can go on an educational journey through the basics of sustainability, understanding its relevance for sports organisations, and exploring how sports can contribute positively to this global agenda. The course explores the specific initiatives at the IBU, highlighting the crucial role every member of the Biathlon Family can play in driving sustainable change.

A Diverse Mix of Educational Tools

To ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience, the course is equipped with a mixture of informative and interactive texts, images, graphics, videos and podcasts, to provide a comprehensive learning journey. After completing each module, participants will take a short test to reinforce their understanding of the content.

Head of Sustainability, Riikka Rakic expressed the value of the IBU´s commitment to sustainability:

Raising awareness of climate change and other sustainability issues and enhancing the sustainability skills of all our stakeholders is key for us to deliver against our sustainability commitments. When everyone in the global Biathlon Family is pulling in the same direction, together we can truly make a difference.

Exclusive Access Expanding Soon

Currently, this transformative course is exclusively available to IBU staff. However, the IBU is excited to announce that it will soon open access to all IBU stakeholders, including National Federations, Organising Committees, Athletes, and Coaches. This expansion will facilitate the impact of sustainability education across the broader biathlon community.

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