IBU prepares for electoral Congress in Salzburg

The biathlon family will meet for the 15th Ordinary IBU Congress 2022 on 15-18 September to take a number of important decisions including the election of the new IBU Executive Board and Technical Committee and appointment of the host of the 2027 Biathlon World Championships.

A total of 30 candidates are standing for election to the Executive Board and Technical Committee. Current IBU President Olle DAHLIN of Sweden is running unopposed in the election for IBU President and IBU Vice President Jiri HAMZA of Czech Republic is the sole candidate running for the IBU Vice Presidency. Of the 14 candidates standing for election as Executive Board members, seven are women and seven are men reflecting the IBU’s concerted effort to improve gender equality and ensure pathways for women to fulfil leadership positions. Of the six Executive Board seats available, at least two members must be female and at least two must be male.

The elections will take place on 17 September and follow the appointment of the host of the 2027 Biathlon World Championships on 16 September. The opening day will also see the presentation of the annual reports and the updated budget proposal for 2022/23.

The Congress will vote on the motions recommended by the IBU Executive Board to maintain the suspension of the RBU’s and BiFB’s membership in the IBU until certain conditions are met. The Congress will also decide whether to confirm the EB’s earlier decision that Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials will continue to not be allowed to compete in international events until further notice to protect athlete safety and the integrity of the IBU competitions.

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