DECATHLON Germany named Main Sponsor of BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon

DECATHLON Germany has been an active player on the German sports market for the last 35 years and will be the main sponsor of the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon as of the 2021/2022 season. The Partnership marks the first-ever major sports sponsorship for DECATHLON Germany.

The long-term cooperation was brokered by Infront and kicks-off with the first competition of the new biathlon season on 27 November in Östersund, Sweden.

The company, which operates in 61 countries, will aim to increase its brand awareness, especially among ambitious sportspeople, whilst encouraging an active society, a value which is in line with IBU's strategic roadmap until 2030, which aims to grow the sport with a special focus on youth.

The agreement is DECATHLON Germany's first major sports sponsorship and aligns with its motto "to make sport accessible to as many people as possible and get them excited about it – today and in the future."

DECATHLON Germany is one of six sponsors which enjoys exclusive advertising on prominent perimeter boards in the stadium, shooting range, on the course and other dedicated branding space at all World Cup locations. In addition, its brand will also be visible on special advertising tools, start bibs and will benefit from hospitality packages.

Olle Dahlin, President of the IBU said: "We are delighted to welcome DECATHLON as a new partner and are pleased to see them become excited about the sport of biathlon. Their brand will provide a platform to further showcase thrilling events and exciting sport. It is through such partnerships, especially the reach of DECATHLON, through which we can realize our sport’s enormous potential to inspire new generations of fans and maybe even athletes."

André Weinert, CEO of DECATHLON Germany: "We practice what we preach and live our sporting motto more than any other company. This partnership is the next logical step in getting more people passionate about and involved in sports. Biathlon combines the outdoors and nature with sporty ambition. That is why it is the perfect platform for DECATHLON. We are delighted to have a world-class partner in the IBU to do so.“

Michael Witta, Vice President Marketing Sales & Services at Infront, adds: "Biathlon remains a fascinating sport and an extremely attractive advertising platform – especially a rapidly growing sporting goods retailer like DECATHLON Germany. The long-term cooperation promotes the awareness of both partners and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration between the IBU and DECATHLON."

About Decathlon

“Sport for all – all for Sport” – DECATHLON makes its sporty tagline a reality like hardly any other company. From A for alpine skiing to Y for yoga, more than 100 different sports are served, all under one roof. From the beginner to the professional, from the individual to the team athlete, and from the small child to the fully grown adult, DECATHLON offers everything to make sportspeople’s hearts jump for joy. For more than 40 years now, the French sporting goods manufacturer and retailer has done everything within its power to make it possible for everyone to enjoy sports. The basis for all of this is an enormous collection of innovative sporting goods at reasonable prices. In order to offer the best value for money every day, the company handles the entire value chain itself. This ranges from the research and development teams through to logistics to sales, with all of these individuals working together hand in hand each day to achieve common goals and constant optimisation of their processes – because they are all fans of sport and share the same sense of passion for it. Around the world, the company has 1,709 stores in 61 countries. In Germany, DECATHLON is currently represented by more than 80 stores and some 5,000 employees.

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