IBU ATHLETE WEBINAR - Dual Career and Transition to Life after sport career

On Wednesday 06th of July, the IBU will organize it´s first ever IBU Athlete webinar around the topic "What athletes can do NOW to prepare for their career after sport career"

Professional athletes are 100% focused on the sport and on ways how to constantly improve their performance in order to be successful. Nevertheless, every athlete career is finite and there is a big part of life that is still waiting for them. The transition to life after sport isn´t always easy therefore it is recommended to do some adjustments and preparations already during the sport career. IBU Development Director Dagmara Gerasimuk and IBU Education Manager Gerold Sattlecker will give some details about the newly started IBU Coach education and the IBU Dual career policy which will be followed by a panel discussion with well-known (former) biathletes Simon Schempp, Rosanna Crawford and Anna Juppe discussing about the challenges and opportunities they faced towards the end of their sport career.

Please find all details concerning the program, speakers, schedule and registration in the following links:

Facts of the IBU Athlete Webinar on Dual career:

  • Topic: "What athletes can do NOW to prepare for their career after sport career"

  • Time: 06 July 2022 from 1.00 - 2.15pm (CET)

  • Place: Online via Zoom

  • Participants: Athletes, Coaches, NF members

  • Language: English, Russian

  • Contact: theresa.jost@ibu.at

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