IBU Announces Summer Regional and National Events Calendar

The International Biathlon Union is excited to announce its comprehensive calendar for the 2024/2025 summer season, encompassing a rich variety of events that span regional and national levels. These events are not just competitions; they are opportunities to foster international cooperation and promote biathlon among young athletes globally.

This year, the IBU will support 14 Summer Regional Events and an additional 3 City Events. The IBU Regional Events Calendar 2024/2025 provides all the necessary details for these carefully selected events, designed to cultivate talent and bring quality international competitions to various places. These gatherings are pivotal for nurturing young talents and providing them with the platform to shine on a regional stage.

Simultaneously, the National Events Calendar 2024/2025 showcases over 35 events across Europe, Asia, North, and South America. This growing array of events underscores the NFs' commitment to making biathlon more popular.

A Season of Growth and Opportunity

The 2024/2025 summer season focus on international cooperation and quality competition, these events aim to engage more children and youth in biathlon, helping them to develop their skills in an international setting. The regional events calendar reflects the IBU's strategic vision to support National Federations in implementing top-tier competitions that are accessible to a broad audience of young athletes.

Stay tuned for more details on each event as we approach the summer, and prepare for a season filled with exciting competitions and memorable moments.

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