Welcome home, everyone!

After several weeks in China, the biathletes are finally returning to their friends and families to catch a break between Beijing and the resumption of the World Cup next week in Kontiolahti.

Gros Fete for Quentin

Quentin Fillon Maillet was one of the big winners of the Olympic Winter Games - and he got the big reception back at home with many coming out to celebrate his 5 medals in Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux in the French Jura.

Family vibes for the Boes

While Quentin Fillon Maillet enjoyed a slightly bigger hurrah, Johannes and Tarjei Boe were welcomed back by their nearest and dearest after bringing home a total of 8 medals combined, reuniting with family and very close friends.

Swedish Team welcomed in Östersund

After a slow start, the Swedish team wound up with three silver medals and a Women Relay Gold and returned to Östersund for congratulations and a lovely get-together at their home stadium!

Surprise for Denise

Individual Gold medalist Denise Herrmann landed in Frankfurt and was surprised by friends and family welcoming her back at the airport and then once more at home by teammates Marion Wiesensarter, Maren Hammerschmidt among others.

Sea Of Croissants for Americans

Not everyone landed back in their home country, however, the US team is spending a week in the Alps before heading to Kontiolahti instead of traveling all the way back to North America - and both Deedra Irwan and Joanne Reid are reuniting with some of the food they have missed dearly while in China.

Edik's formal reception

Three-time bronze medalist Eduard Latypov made his way back to Samara after an eventful two months full of highs and lows - and was welcomed by his region and received a badge of honour on top of everything.

Photo: Per Danielsson/Svenskt Skidskytte

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